Benguet’s Highest Peak : Mt. Timbak and Mt. Tabayoc

Back to back major climb to start the year right. We’ve conquered Luzon’s Top 2 and 3 mountains - Mt. Tabayoc and Mt.Timbak. Both treacherous peak but posses’ magnificence panoramic scenery.
Mt. Timbak‘s MASL* is 2,717+ and Philippines’ top 9. The said mountain is situated at Atok, Benguet while Philippines’s top 6, Mt. Tabayoc is 2,842+ sited at the heart of Kabayan, Benguet.
Stopover | Burham Park, Baguio

Having said the height of the two towering mountains of Luzon, I am expecting a fun filled hike together with the new group that I am invited with, the Baroc Mountaineering Group.

The said group is consisting of professional people from different field across all ages and walks of life. They are seasoned mountaineer to look up too.

January 18, 2013 – Friday we left Buendia at exactly 11:30pm we're now headed North with our big comfortable coaster. Our coordinator hired Bus and truck for speedy and comfortable travel.
Around 7 o’clock in the morning we were welcome by the cold breeze of Baguio City. We have an hour break to buy things that we needed as well as to filled our empty stomach. Oops! We roamed around Burnham Park before we proceeded in the Bus going to Benguet.
Spectacular View

Calaguas: Island Adventure

To start with, this adventure was long due plan with my office mates. We've decided to travel all together to ease the stress of our shifting schedule and our workload. I've suggested to them, "Let’s visit the famous white sands of Calaguas, in Camarines Norte". They've all agreed to me once I've shown some evidence of the prominent beauty of the majestic Island. Right there and then, we’ve set a two day breakaway.