Alona Beach of Bohol: Young and Hip

“ALONA BEACH, 250 meters ahead" stated in the signboard and I whispered to Ate Tracy “let’s sprint to the beach”. She agreed happily and we excitedly followed the rocky road off to our first destination.

One of the famous beach front of Bohol offers dynamic key attraction to all the tourist in all walks of life, nationality and age generation from high end hotel accommodation to budget friendly inns and transient houses, fancy restaurant, grilling stations and affordable budget meals as well as the rental of top of the line boat to shared packages of Island Hopping. All for the comfort and luxury is beyond reach, just interact with the locals to get the best deals of what you wanted to avail, just be courteous by showing respect and always show that smile.

Virgin Island of Bohol: “Save the best for last”

Right after my first encounter with the sea turtle of Balicasag Island, our tour guide maneuvered the vessel bound to our final destination – The Virgin Island.

The said Island is also known as Isola di Francesco. It’s a private owned isle with religious statues installed in the north-east portion. One noticeable feature of the Virgin Island is the long powdery shoreline with shades of blue and green crystal clear salt water plus different sizes and colors of starfish scattered in the sands.

Hinagdanan Cave: Journey in the Middle Earth

My lust for adventure level up the day I arrived in Bohol. The longing feeling of executing the itinerary that I’ve researched and finalized will finally be in reality, it’s been a while “YES” but the long wait is worthy as I explored one of the Philippines’ finest Island.

As I’ve mentioned in my first blog entry Road to Ecstasy: The Amazing Bohol Adventure. Luzon was experiencing storm surge the day after we left Manila. Bearing our pursuit to discover and to feel happiness, Ate and I travelled bound to Bohol with optimism and prayers.

“Hello Sunshine” I whispered quietly the moment my skin was touched by the inviting heat from the sun. God answered our plea, fair weather in Tagbilaran perfect for indoor activities and tours.

Flip Higher: Dolphin Watching in Bohol

There’s an overjoy sensation whenever I’ll do Island hopping, the morning breeze from the sea and tickling brace of the mighty sun plus the sight of the inviting bluish salt water are the package of having an awesome adventure.

I’ve started my day two in Bohol with my Ate Tracy having an optimistic vibes. According to our tour guide there’s no guarantee if the Dolphins of Bohol will show to us. Praying and hoping, we began our journey in the middle of Bohol Sea for the greatest search of our lives, to wait the dolphin appears and spin in the air.

Turtle Sighting in Balicasag Island: Overjoy Experience

As we’re heading in the western portion of Balicasag Island I am wondering why our boatman is slowing down the speed of the vessel. Suddenly he deep dive and disappeared underwater. Without second thought I followed him in the water. What I saw next relieves all my life stresses and gave me the sweetest smile to date.

Finding Nemo and Friends: Fish Feeding and Snorkeling in Balicasag Island, Bohol

I bet you’ve already seen the animated film Finding Nemo, in connection with my blog entry let’s just say I had a close encounter with Nemo and Friends underwater.

Right after our successful and joyful dolphin sighting somewhere in the vast Bohol Sea, our boatman informed us that we’re heading to Balicasag Island to do snorkeling, fish feeding and turtle watching.

Road to Ecstasy: The Amazing Bohol Adventure

The Department Of Tourism’s famous campaign slogan “It’s more FUN in the Philippines” redefines the essence of travelling the day I set foot in Bohol.

Together with my older cousin, Tracy. We discover the surprising wonders of the 10th largest island in the Philippines that offers breath taking natural and manmade resources both in land and water. A paradise beyond reach that I will share through my collected photographs and expressive thoughts. Join me and Let us journey in Bohol.

Deca Wake Clark Cable Park: Baron in Motion

While I’m travelling bound to Pampanga, I’m glaring at the window while the bus is moving fast. I remember those times that I used to travel once a month to explore and experience new places and activity respectively. I am thankful to feel again the sensation of adrenaline rush of balancing in a board while holding a cable connected in a towing machinery. Wake boarding in the North and I’m refreshing my skills with this water sports for the second time around.

Pahiyas of Lucban, Quezon: The Overloaded festivity of Southern Luzon

Given the opportunity and time to travel with cool people, it will be a pleasure on my part. Ahead of time, my office-mate Sheen invited me and our other team mates to experience the famous Pahiyas in Lucban, Quezon.

Pahiyas Festival is celebrated every 15th day of May for good harvest dedicated for their patron saint, San Isidro Labrador. According to some oral and written record, the said event started in early 1500. In present time, the festivity captures the attention of tourist and travelers alike to see and experience unique features of Pahiyas. Every year, the organizers of the said event select certain route in the town proper for the parade. The event includes, the best designed and decorated house [main contest], Bikas Gayak [Best dress made in organic/raw materials] and Pancit Habhab Feista-val along side with marching bands and majorette. To sum up, the year’s theme is Grabo Lucban that pertains to the colorful fair of Pahiyas.

Iligan City: Turn of Events

Due to unfortunate events, we missed to visit the renowned waterfalls of Iligan City. The Maria Christina Falls where hydroelectric power is generated and the world class wonder of Tinago Falls, the production site of the movie of KC Concepcion and Sam Milby.
With high hopes and optimism we still insist to our driver to roam around in Iligan even though there’s a threat of Storm surge Agathon. Better luck next time

And the unexpected activity happened. We enjoyed the trekking and zipline activity located at the top of Mimbalot Falls. Lucky indeed

Davao City: The Extended Vacation Trip

Due to unexpected turns of event we've extended our supposedly 6 day’s trip to a full length week grand vacation in Cagayan de Oro.

Day 6: January 21, 2014 we’re all prepared to go home bringing stuff we bought in every province we’ve visited in Northern Mindanao and along our way to Laguindingan International Airport we’ve received an expected message that our flight bound to Manila is cancelled due to the downfall of storm surge Agaton. We’ve still pursue to go to the airport and communicated to front desk officer of Cebu Pacific and gave us an option to go to Davao. We’ve grabbed the opportunity and headed directly to Agora Market to catch the earliest travel time off to the said region. Another story to tell

Upon our arrival in the terminal we bid farewell to our hotel driver and he whispered words for our safe journey.

Sunken Cemetery: My Pledge in the Cross

Given the opportunity of time and wealth, I would gladly travel the Philippines to explore its well-known and underrated beaches, pre-historic structures, towering Mountains and waterfalls and meet new acquaintances along each trip. I've started my year 2014 by fulfilling my aspiration to discover new paradise that I never been and I thought I’ll just imagine those places in my dreamland hoping one day I’ll set foot in that place.

White Sand Island: Camiguin’s Finest

When God Created and molded the world, Camiguin received all the heavenly wonders that you might ever see and experience both in land and water but behind its charismatic natural beauty are the sleeping giants that any time soon might showcase its rage.

An island surrounded by active volcanoes and fault line that poses countless wanderlust tourist spot. Locals and Foreign visitor should include in their travel checklist the world renowned sandbar of Camiguin – White Sand Island. 
Poser at White Sand Island, Camiguin

Dahilayan Adventure Park in Bukidnon: The One Minute Challenge

Any means of physical activities that will fuel up my adrenaline rush is a must do in my checklist so the moment I've heard and seen videos about an adventure park in Bukidnon my eyes and mouth widens, hoping as soon as possible I’ll experience myself the longest zip line in Asia and the nerve breaking drop zone ride.

To fast forward the story telling, I was assigned by my friends to come up with a 6 days awesome itinerary for the much awaited annual event to be held in Northern Mindanao.

First place to pop up in my mind is Dahilayan Adventure Park and I've scheduled it in the middle of our trip to balance the activities that we will be engaging.

Explore the Mystic of Camiguin

Every province in the Philippines has an exotic appeal and wonderful story to offer. An island surrounded by gigantic sleeping volcanoes both in land and sea that anytime soon could be awaken and display its childish anger. I keep my silence, feel the afternoon breeze and glare from the ferryboat the island that I’ll be discovering for two days – Camiguin. 

City Life in Cagayan de Oro

A progressive metropolis dubbed as City of Golden Friendship, home to famous white water rafting and natural wonders as well as gateway to neighboring provinces in Northern Mindanao – Cagayan de Oro. 
outside the cinema house

Macahambus Cave of Misamis Oriental: The expected and unexpected Caving.

Upon reading the monumental mark outside the opening of the cave I personally found out that Macahambus Cave was used as hiding place by revolutionaries during the Filipino – American War of Independence in 1900. Aside from its historical value, the said cavern is part of the tropical Macahambus forest and home to local bats with an estimated 57 meters in length.

Cagayan de Oro’s White Water Rafting: Pure Extreme Adventure

There are people who are willing to pay "x amount" of money just to experience the high of adrenaline rush and I must say I am one of those people that can be tagged as thrill seeker.

Right after we booked a flight bound to Cagayan de Oro (CDO), unanimous consent of the group is to include the famous White Water Rafting.

White water rafting is a challenging recreational river course that professional and trained alike is allowed to maneuver deadliest rapids using specialized rubber boats.

Having said a short background with the trip that we’ll be doing, everyone is excited to feel and know-how a new definition of the word “extreme adventure”

Northern Mindanao Trip: The Amazing, Surprising and Exciting Adventure

To start with, I must say that there’s no perfect travel trip. Months of preparation and research will not guarantee the success of a well planned escapade along the way there are circumstances that will arise that will attest the excitement and faith to continue travelling and also it all depends on how you guys will handle the current situation to make the unexpected scenario be a memorable and happiest event to date. On that note, let me share to you guys, my point of view in my recent Northern Mindanao Trip.
White sand Island | Camiguin