Enchanted River of Surigao del Sur : Mystical Place

I was browsing the internet searching for a perfect travel destination somewhere in Visayas or Mindanao. In the middle of my research, an eye catching image struck my attention. I google the place, found out several write ups and I immediately read some blog post. It was then, the "talk of the town" in the bloggers community, the Enchanted River of Surigao del Sur. 

I was thinking, Surigao is famous with big waves and international surfing events but then the province has lots of interesting place to visit. From that very moment I told myself, one of these days I will see and experience myself how enchanted the river it is.

Two months before we booked a flight bound to Butuan, a local travel show featured the enchanted river, the urge of visiting the place heighten up as they've shown underwater video footage of the said river. Jaw dropping scenery I must say
Mystical River 
Lets fast forward the story telling, after 4 months of patiently waiting for the much anticipated travel adventure to date, we finally landed in Mindanao.

From Butuan City, Agusan del Norte a 4-5 hours land travel via Bus bound to Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur. to be detailed, from the airport tourist can ride a multicab off to Langihan Terminal around 15 pesos fare. in the bus terminal, look for Mangagoy [Bislig] bus signage but I personally recommend riding a Van for speedy travel with less difference in travel fare, 180 pesos compared with 196 pesos [bus fare]. Remind the driver or the conductor to drop off you guys in Hinatuan, Enchanted river is really known in Surigao del sur. Along the highway of Hinatuan, two colorful streamers of Enchanted river is posted. From there a 12km habal habal ride before reaching the river.

I’ve personally shared my travel experience before, during and after reaching enchanted river. Read my other blog entry here.

Arem and I arrived 5 o'clock in the afternoon; visitors were not allowed to swim. Cut off time according to the tourism officer. We just decided to come back the following day.
Just seeing from a distance, I wanted to jump into the water right then and there. As if I’m enchanted to follow my desire to feel and experience the coldness and deepness of the river. 
From a far 
Told myself just wait a little longer Baron.

River Cruise? | Enchanted River
We've crossed the river bound to the resort we will stay overnight. The eminent crystal clear, mirror like water caught my attention. This is beyond my expectation. So cool men!

I promised to pleasure and satisfy myself when we come back the following day, for now we rested in SIbadan Fish Cage.

DAY 2 : Enchanted River
After our island hopping, we headed directly in the enchanted river. We secured our belongings and jump into the cold water of the river. Surprisingly there's salt water fish in the river and the deepness was really intriguing. As per short conversation to one of the lifeguard there, a professional diver reached up to 80 feet and beyond that the river's deepness is not yet measured and recorded. 
on the left most side of river is a cavern. hoping to have an underwater camera
Looks like an ocean
I've personally felt the strong current of the river that pushes me away whenever i swim to the other side. I just continue swimming, snorkeling and frequently dive to see and experience myself what's underneath me. Just unseen baseline and dancing fish

At 12 o'clock in the afternoon, tourist and visitors alike are all requested to leave the river to give way for the fish feeding with local song of Hinatuan as background music. That would be the highlight of my Enchanted River experience.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I am really fascinated with the place. the word enchanted best fit the name of the river. two thumbs up and I highly recommend this travel spot in Surigao del Sur to be visited. see, feel and experience yourself the wonder of Enchanted River.
Baron was here | Enchanted River
van / bus fare from Butuan to Hinatuan - 180 / 196 php 
Habal habal (one way) - 200 php
Entrance fee - 30 php