Tinuy-an waterfalls: Philippines’ Finest

I’ve seen and explored numerous waterfalls of Luzon and some in Visayas. Definitely, I will seize the moment to discover one in Mindanao, specifically in Surigao del Sur.

Surigao del Sur is world famous with it treacherous waves and deepest trenches, flipping the coin on the other side. The province offers an imaginable grandness one of those is the Tinuy-an Falls of Mangagoy [Bislig].
From Langihan Terminal in Butuan City, tourist can choose to ride Van or Bus.

Bachelor Bus Line has a direct access to Mangagoy Bislig operating as early as 2 o’clock in the morning and dispatches every 45 minutes. The fare as of July 2013 cost 196 pesos with 4 -5 land travel.

I personally recommend riding a Van for speedy travel and cheap fare. 

GOING BACK: Since, we’re coming from Enchanted River [of Hinatuan], an estimated one hour travel bound to Mangagoy. Arem and I ride a single motorcycle (Habal habal). I’ve stated my insight about this with my other blog entry- A travel’s Story: 100% Pure Adventure.

Grand it is
From the main road, last 2 kilometer of rough road before you’ll reach the baseline of the said falls.

I’ve heard a distinct sound of running water and a few steps from the Information Office, the superb Tinuy-an Falls stood. Measured at 120 feet above sea level and with 30 feet deepness, figures are from the volunteer tour guides we’ve been with. Amazing!

Jaw breaking scenery, I’m impressed! This would be the tallest, widest and most exceptional falls I’ve ever seen to date. Now I know why it’s being compared with the Niagra Falls in the USA. Thinking
We waste no time, after framing the perfect spot of Tinuy-an in our digital cameras we directly coordinated with the local volunteers in the area to be guided at the top of Tinuy-an. Photo Op

With my travel buddy ever since College Days
Jump Shot
After the easy trek, we've tried the bamboo rafting near the running water of the falls. I’ve tried to jump into the water but I failed to stay long due to its coldness.
Bamboo Rafting

We’ve stayed a little bit longer to relax, recharge our camera’s battery and talked with the locals.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: One of the best waterfalls I've ever seen and must visit place in Surigao del Sur.


Entrance Fee: 50 php/ head
Bamboo Rafting: 50 per hour
Tip: 150 
Table: Free

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