Mt. Batulao : Kissing the clouds for the first time

Securing its perfect spot, Mt. Batulao is located at the heart of Nasugbu, Batangas. Towering at 811 measured above sea level (MASL) and categorize as minor climb. Our next weekend getaway would be this mountain.

According to the locals, the name of Mt. Batulao is literal derive with its natural characteristics, when sun rays touches the mountain’s peak in the afternoon, as if the mountain is glowing in the day light. “Bato sa Ilaw” as they say. A little bit of trivia
Read the whole blog and you'll know the reason why we captioned it " We survived Mt. Batulao" 

Baler, Aurora: Surfin’ and Chillin’

When you say Baler, these things comes out to my mind “surfing and big waves”.

My friends had asked me if I wanted to experience the big waves of Baler, Aurora for an unforgettable weekend getaway to date, right there and then, I said YES! Definitely

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Barefoot Travels, is a group of friends who share a common passion for adventure, the outdoors and the love for nature. Our philosophy is simple: “Travelling need not be expensive. Nature will speak for itself" – stated from their facebook account.

Adding up it is because of our passion and philosophy that we’ve decided to create an organization committed to developing and arranging affordable unique trips and one-of-a-kind experiences for yuppies, students and urbanites.
Surfing | Baler, Aurora | Credits to Rons Nebre

Cebu Trip: Historical City Tour

Cebu City is known for its rich culture and history as well as old structures that signify authority and power, up to these days’ relics of the past reminds us Filipino the foundation of Christianity and pre Spanish civilization. Our day 1 adventure in Cebu will be exploring the City’s famous heritage.
Group Picture | Taoist Temple | More fun in the Philippines | Cebu

Cebu Trip: Sumilon Island, Shades of Color

Right after our close encounter with the friendly Butanding of Oslob, we’ve rented a boat for 2300 pesos and we’re off to Sumilon Island.

Sumilon island is found at the southeastern part of Oslob, Cebu. Known with its coral reef, sandbars, white powdery sands and world class five star hotels (blue water hotel). To prove all those praises, our group is excited to experience the grandness of the said island.
More Fun in the Philippines | Cebu | Sumilon Island

Cebu Trip: Kawasan falls, Incomparable Beauty

If you wanted to explore Cebu at its finest, the southern part of the province caters magnificence natural wonders either by land or water element. Enable to discover its hidden treasure, long distance travel is needed.

Kawasan Falls is positioned at the south western part of the municipality of Badian, Cebu. From South Bus Terminal going down to Badian will take you 3 – 4 hours of land travel. 15 – 30 minutes of trekking and you shall witness the majestic natural beauty of the popular falls.
More Fun in Cebu | Kawasan Falls  | Credits to Arem Gelogo 

Cebu Trip: Skywalk Extreme

On the 37th floor of Crown Regency Cebu located the Philippines’ first and only skywalk adventure at the present time and if you wanted to conquer your fear of heights or also known as acrophobia. This extreme outdoor activity is right for you.
We've conquered Skywalk extreme | Crown Regency Hotel Cebu

Cebu Trip: Oslob’s Butanding Watching (up close and personal)

One of the biggest and friendliest species of whale shark will be seen in Oslob, Cebu. Its geographical position is at the south eastern part of the island and 3 hours land travel from Cebu City. Having said the location of my next destination adventure trip with my friends, we’re ready for an up close and personal experience with the famous Butanding of Oslob.

I've read and seen blogs, articles, print ads and features news about the whale shark of Oslob. Since we’ll visit Cebu for 4 days and 3 nights, we've included it in our Itinerary.

Day 2 of our Cebu trip, we left our hotel at 3am in the morning, most of the blogs I've read they've recommended to travel in mid morning to skip the heavy traffic of metro Cebu as well as the Butanding usually fed early in the morning.
Up close and personal | Butanding | Oslob, Cebu

Daranak and Batlag Falls: the renowned waterfalls of Tanay, Rizal

Shampoo commercial, top grossing movies, top rated fantaseryes and teleseryes and famous ads are some significant events and/or campaigns shoot in the twin falls of Tanay, Rizal. Now you’re thinking. Daranak and Batlag Falls caters the venue of all I’ve mentioned. Just 3 hours away from the metropolis and you can witness yourself the grandness of the two waterfalls.
at Daranak Falls | Credits to Arem Gelogo

Mt. Manalmon : The Ultimate Outdoor Experience

Mt. Manalmon is situated at Barangay Kamias, San Miguel Bulacan. It stood at 196 MASL and categorize as class 2 in trail and best for beginners who would love to experience camping in the Mountain.

The said Mountain is famous for Madlum Cave, during the 18th century a relic was found at a certain spot inside the cave and in the present time a replica was place there signifying the rich history of Madlum.Parallel to Mt. Manalmon is Mt. Gola, almost the same height and features, beneath the mountain there flows the refreshing clean water of Madlum River with distinct rock formation along side. Fantastic
Fantastic Five | Credits to Arem Gelogo

Mt. Romelo : Hidden Paradise

Right after our successful Mt. Maculot climb, here we go again eager to explore the hidden treasure of nature. All are set for a weekend exploration at Famy, Quezon. Our next destination would be Mt. Romelo and Buruwisan Falls.

From 13 young enthusiastic hikers down to 7 determined adventurers plus two recruit equals 9 wonderers to discover Mt. Romelo.
Panoramic view | Credits to Arem Gelogo

Mt. Maculot and Rockies: A Beginner’s Mountain

My Mountaineering adventure starts at Mt. Maculot, Cuenca Batangas with other 12 young enthusiastic climbers; exposing in this kind of outdoor activity opened my heart to care about the Mountain and our environment.

When you’re at the top of the Mountain, you will feel a sudden sensation of excitement as if you are one with nature. 

Going back, Mt. Maculot and Rockies are measured 930 and 706 above sea level respectively and beneath the towering Mountain is the famous Taal Lake. Having said some distinct information regarding our destination, we’re set for a two days and one night hiking adventure.

at the Rockies |  2010