Davao City: The Extended Vacation Trip

Due to unexpected turns of event we've extended our supposedly 6 day’s trip to a full length week grand vacation in Cagayan de Oro.

Day 6: January 21, 2014 we’re all prepared to go home bringing stuff we bought in every province we’ve visited in Northern Mindanao and along our way to Laguindingan International Airport we’ve received an expected message that our flight bound to Manila is cancelled due to the downfall of storm surge Agaton. We’ve still pursue to go to the airport and communicated to front desk officer of Cebu Pacific and gave us an option to go to Davao. We’ve grabbed the opportunity and headed directly to Agora Market to catch the earliest travel time off to the said region. Another story to tell

Upon our arrival in the terminal we bid farewell to our hotel driver and he whispered words for our safe journey.

The Story: 
As my weary eyes passed by the streets of Cagayan de Oro I’ve personally prayed to Him for fairer weather and sound travel off to our final destination. One moment later my thoughts reunites with my wonderland, revisiting the places we’ve explored and redeeming all the positive emotions of our trip.

A loud scream “Davao” awaken my retiring body, we’re now in the central terminal. It’s 3:00 am in the morning. We decided to stay inside the station and rented folding beds to prolong our resting period.

As per conversation with the locals there, folding beds are really in demand during night time, instead of checking-in in the different Inns. Tourists and visitors alike rents the said tools to sleep inside the terminal while waiting for the bus the following day. Must try ! it's cool!

Around 6 in the morning we've reached Aldevinco shopping center, since it’s early and all the establishment inside are closed. We've all agreed to check-in in the nearest hotel. Paula and I asked different hotels for rates and settled to luxurious and well known hotel in the city - Uno Hotel. We’ve paid for our room and by turns took a bath while the other catches some sleep.

NOTE: Uno Hotel, is a first class of its kind and offers top of the line facilities.
Davao City | Center of Excellence
11 o’clock in the morning we roamed around Aldevinco to extend our shopping spree and at the back of the said complex parallel to Ateneo de Davao University located the fruit stands of Pomelo. We’ve enjoyed the free taste of the said sweet month watering delicious fruit that cost us to purchased extra check in baggage in the airport.Though, we really expect it

Pomelo: 300/box
Malong: 100 pieces
Magnet: 3 for 100pesos
T-Shirt: 100 - 200pesos (depends with the quality of the shirt and design)
Iconic | Airport
Bags: 100 - 500pesos (hand made)
Wooden figures: 100 -1000 pesos

AUTHOR’S NOTE: while having our brunch we’ve talked about future engagement as well as planning to revisit Davao staying and exploring with longer time. Aldevinco Center is home to Mindanao’s pride, handcrafted wooden display, artistic and ethnic designed malong’s and other stuff. I've personally noticed the clean and green environment and the systematic traffic system in the City, hoping that Metro Manila implements this kind of governance and what amaze me even more is their airport. Well facilitated terminal that caters international and domestic flights. We entered the aircraft and left the airport earlier than the scheduled departure. Waving and promising from above that we’ll definitely conquer Davao soon. Cooking a plan! Thanks for reading my post till next time.


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    1. Indeed, Northern Mindanao is really amazing wonder to explore. thanks for reading and posting comment to my blog entry :)