Britania Group of Island of Surigao del Sur : Save the best for Last

We're running out of place to be visited - Literally. We've seen and explored Tinuy-an Falls and the international doll house in our day 2 stay in Bislig supposedly it's on our Day 3. Right then and there Arem and I decided and determined to journey with limited information to Surigao's famous beaches and islets, Britania Group of Islands.

Britania Group of Islands is found at Baragay Salvacion San Agustin, Surigao del Sur. it composes of 13 beautiful island, 5 among those has shoreline to be landed plus 1 private owned resort. 
Journey with me | Britania Group of Islands | Surigao del Sur
The night before heading to the said tourist spot we took our luxurious dinner at Ocean View Park where the international doll house is located and also caters affordable food. Mrs. Willimann, the owner of the place encourage us to explore Britania, she specifically told us that an islet there has finer sands compared to Boracay of Aklan. Giving us a literal bright idea, we thanked her and bid farewell.

Journey to Britania:
We spent the night in Bislig and left our transient house around 6 o'clock in the morning. Lucky us that Paper Country Inn was near the bus and van terminal. We’ve asked the bus conductor where off to Barobo and waited for a while before it leaves Bislig.

From Bislig to Barobo, we passed by the municipality of Hinatuan and Tagbina. An estimated 3 hours of seating and staring in the window. We're very vigilant and in timely manner ask passengers if Barobo is near. I was thinking, travelling just the two of us was really an adventure. Exploring unfamiliar places just bringing enough money and so much courage is really commendable, I guess. Just praying here for our safety travel.

The bus conductor shouted, "Barobo" and we hurriedly jumped in to the bus and transferred to another vehicle bound to San Agustin [with Tandag signage]. 

We're almost there | San Agustin | Surigao del Sur
Last one hour of rough road ride and we'll reach Britania Islands. We passed the town of Lianga and arrived in a terminal where a big poster of the famous tourist spot is posted. Mrs. Willimann reminded us to directly communicate to those who owned a boat and to have a fair deal of transaction. We avoided any necessary contacts with the locals there and just ride a single motor (habal habal) going to the port area.

Again, Lucky us to meet Kuya Andy. Along our habal habal ride he talked to our driver if we're interested to rent his boat. Our driver uttered to him our budget is just 1000 pesos and that’s final. Right there, he agreed and told us to wait in the shoreline.

Yes! Success! We found a boat in a reasonable price.

From my point of view in the coastline, I've seen the Britania Group of Islands and I can't wait No more to set foot there.
Britania Group of Island 
I've asked Kuya Andy, where to buy raw or cook meat/fish. For the nth time we're so bless. His Dad sells fish. We went to their house to purchase squid and to their generosity they gave us cooked rice and even allowed us to borrow their utensils. Thank you Lord.

We changed clothes and fixed our belongings, we're ready for our ultimate island hopping.
Island Hopping | Lay Back | Surigao del Sur | Mindanao
We walked in a long bamboo pathway and somewhere there, their boat is situated. 

Let us save this last day be the best among the rest.

First Island to be visited: Hagonoy Island. 
From a far | Hagonoy Island | San Agustin | Surigao del Sur | Mindanao
4 exhausting long hour travel going to San Agustin is worthy .We landed in a small island with a wreck Wooden House (kubo). This is perfect place for vacation. Before we indulged ourselves further, we grilled our squid and the fish of kuya Andy.
Just Arrived
Poser Alert | Hagonoy Island
Naked Island overlooking Hagonoy Island | Surigao del Sur
Kuya Andy is very vocal about his life experience in Manila and understands us that we're travelling with limited budget. We’re very thankful with him.

After feasting with our delicious food. We headed to Naked Island
Literally naked, with no growing plants just white sands and stunning beach line. Perfect for sun bathing and photo shoot. We took our wacky poses before bidding farewell to this Island. 
Duos | The Brave ones | Surigao del Sur | Britania Group of Islands
Break it down | Britania | Surigao del Sur
My eyes was filled with so much wonders and the best is yet to be discovered.
Off to another island
And we arrived in an island where the sand is whiter and finer than Boracay. True indeed, I once set foot in Boracay and Buslon is really fantastic.
Buslon Island | White Sands | Amazing
We roamed around the said island and found a grotto of a Virgin Mary; Kuya Andy told us that we can hop two other island just walking since its low tide. Cool.
Virgin Mary
No coastlines to be landed during high tide so better to explore the other two island when there’s no water around, it’s called Panlangagan Island. Their distinct sharp rocky edges makes it differs from Buslon Island. Their all great looking from near and a far.
Panlangagan Islands
Somewhere in Buslon
Panlangagan Island | Low Tide
Arem @ Panlangagan Island
Rocky | Panlangagan Island
We went back to Buslon Island. We slept, relaxed and took wacky poses. I'm wishing to stay longer here but we're just buying time and must leave San Agustin before 6 to go back in Butuan.
Our Bangkeros | Buslon
Arem @ Buslon Island | Surigao del Sur | Mindanao
Okay? | Look at our skin tone | Britania
More Poses 
Look Up | Ryzza Mae Inspired Photo| Buslon
Poser | Buslon Island
The Four of Us 
When we're ready to set foot in the port area. Surprisingly Kuya Andy brought us to Hiyor Hiyoran Island
Wow | Say what? | Hiyor Hiyoran Island | Surigao del Sur
Perfect for group bonding. There's chopped trees and bonfire area, I’m imagining for an overnight stay here. Great location for beach party with loud RNB music or acoustic songs for sentimental moments. After pleasuring ourselves we let go of the island and just in time we're in the seashore of San Agustin again overlooking Britania Islands.
Almost Sunset | Hiyor Hiyoran Island 
Banner and Me
Chopped woods
Arem @ Hiyor Hiyoran Island
Kuya Andy directed us to a near house to clean ourselves, layback set up. Deep well and exposed bathroom. This is province life and I enjoyed the experience.

An old lady offers her ironwood product to us for 100 pesos each. I'm telling you guys this thing is so heavy, it weighs around 2 kilograms each and exceeded our baggage going back in Manila. We just laughed with it.

After packing and preparing our belongings we paid kuya Andy 1000 pesos with an additional 100 pesos for his kindness. He wish us for our happy and safe travel ahead as we promised to him that we'll recommend his boat and service to our friends in Manila as well as in our travel blog, right Arem?

Again and again, for the last time we ride habal habal off to the terminal and waited patiently for the bus to arrive. I took pictures with the streamers as my background and told myself baron was here!

Kuya Andy's Mobile Number: 09302164072
Mang Rudy's Number [Kuya Andy's Father]: 09109258711 

Britania Group of Islands | Surigao del Sur  | Mindanao
AUTHOR'S NOTE: I highly encourage everyone to include Britania Group of Islands in your itinerary when planning to visit Surigao del Sur. Explore yourselves the wonder that we've witnessed and share to us afterwards your own personal experience. Feel free to contact me or Arem for further question about this place. Thanks for journeying with me. Till next time.

Breakdown of Expenses:
Ticket price to Barobo [from Bislig] - 103 pesos
Bound to San Agustin- 40 pesos
Environmental fee - 10 pesos
Habal habal - 40 pesos back and forth
Squid 280pesos divided by 2 - 140pesos
1 liter Soft drinks- 50
Bathroom - 5 pesos
Ironwood - 100pesos
Boat rental plus tip 1100 divided by 2 - 550pesos
Grand total - 1038


  1. I've been to Britannia Islands many times! Di ako magsasawang bumalik doon. By the way, you have great photos!

    1. Thanks Sir :) It was my first time in Mindanao as well as in Britania. Indeed a wonderful place. Are you a blogger/photographer/traveler too? Thanks for the visit and comment. :

  2. I've been to Britania and it was such a great experience! A very wonderful place indeed!

    1. Yes! I've enjoyed my short visit there too. Thanks for reading my post.

  3. We're planning to go there. Yung number ni Kuya Andy, gumagana pa ba?

    Nice Blog. Very informative and helpful indeed! ;)

  4. Yes po try to Call him. His friendly, accommodating and very reasonable in giving us fair deal with his boat. Try to negotiate with him about the price and tell him we've recommended you guys to him. Also try to island hopping in Hinatuan :) thanks for reading :) Enjoy your Surigao del Sur travel.

  5. A big help for us to seek the island thanks for the info. . btw kuya andy's number change so we ask again his number to his father bcoz when we when there yesterdy kuya andy is in manila, sad we didn't met him pers0nally. .

    1. Thank you for updating me :) and I hope you did enjoy you're island hopping :D

  6. 09109258711 kuya rudy, (kuya andy's father)
    09302164072 kuya andy