Pangasinan Pacific Shore and Margarett Island Peak Resort: Promising Gems of Hinatuan

Since, Arem and I had a limited knowledge about Surigao del Sur's must see places. We talked to the locals, list down and sort out the possible tourist spot and strategize for a getaway.

Guided by our well planned itinerary plus the collective inputs we gathered. we're on track for the best times journeying in Mindanao.

I must say, it's my first time in Mindanao and i'm loving the diversified culture, culinary difference and most specially the raw wonder it offers. 

Preserve wonders waiting to be seen by local and foreign tourist. One of those is the Pangasinan Pacific Shore.

This is one of the places included in our Hinatuan Island hopping. What surprise me is the long inviting bamboo pathway with pawid as covering at the top. A good 3-5 minutes’ walk before reaching the main resort.

alongside with the pathway are mangroves and coconut tree surrounded by the white powdery sands and crystal clean water, you'll be mesmerize i'm sure with that.
Geejay @ the pathway 
Cool Men
This would be perfect for family and perks bonding as the resort caters Nipa Hut accommodation, bamboo cottages and wooden long chairs near the stunning coastline overlooking some islet. perfect.
There's also sari sari and souvenir store in the area. In terms of electricity the island is powered by generator. We rested for a while and enjoyed the morning breeze. This is life outside metropolis.
Baron | Okay 
Macho Gwapito | Geejay
How i wish, i could stay a little bit longer but we headed right away at Margarett Island Peak Resort.

This resort is highly recommended accomadation by the tourism officer we’ve talked with in our first day in Hinatuan. Since it's too far we ended up in Sibadan Fish Cage.
Going back: From a far, I kept on saying “Wow! Wow! this is perfect! Magnificent! ". The whole time i was just smiling and stunned.

The striking rock formation from the left most side of the island plus the powdery sands makes me feel excited to drop off our boat right away. 

A middle age lady, whose’s caretaker of the resort welcomes us and immediately told us that there's a view deck in the top of the mountain overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

We left our belongings in the boat just bringing our cameras, wallets and phones. 1 2 3, we walk upstairs, 100 plus steps! Tiring but beneficial to our health.
Going Up
Upon our arrival at the view deck One word "Fantastic". The scenery from my location is really outstanding. Big waves, numerous islands, bluish water and greenish environment. I can't take off my eyes with the spetacular view.
From the view deck | Pacific Ocean
we took the moment to frame the spot we've seen in our camera as well as our wacky poses. 
Arem suggested to visit the rock formation and i as well raise to drink fresh buko juice.

Favorite Subject
The jolly caretaker talked with us and she's outrangeous! she's fond of our jokes and make up stories. You'll definetely be happy to stay in this place with her.

Before bidding farewell to the island and to the caretaker of the place. we quickly photographed the rocky part of the island which is really stunning. an added exotic appeal with totally of the place.

Big waves and smiles as our boat leaves the island. shouting the words "Thank you Ate! till next time! Goodbye!"
Both promising island indeed. A must visit place in Surigao, now you know :)

How To Get There:
From Enchanted River, attending officer will guide tourist to the boat terminal. A fixed rate of 160 per hour. I best recommend our Bangkero. Kuya Norberto Viola who’s behind our successful Hinatuan Island Hopping, he knows best and trust him. Feel free to call him, i'll leave his mobile number below.

Mobile Number: 09494646370

AUTHOR'S NOTE: i enjoyed so much our Hinatuan Island Hopping. i've discovered that aside from Enchanted River, there's a lot of tourist spot to be visited. Staying in this province is a memorable one. I highly recommend you guys to visit yourself these resort and explore its raw appeal. Please do read my other blog entry about Surigao del Sur and leave some comments afterwards. thank you. Hope you like it.

Breakdown of Expenses:
Pangasinan White Sand Entrance Fee: 5 pesos
Margarette Beach Resort: 10 pesos
Buko / Coconut : 10 pesos
Boat Rental : 160 per hour

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