Intramuros: The Walled City

Intramuros was built and finished in 1571 and proclaimed as the new capital of the Spanish Colony in the Philippines during the said year. Opposite the Manila bay and alongside with the Pasig River, the fortress is one of the major strategic military base of the Spaniard.

400 years and counting, Intramuros signifies history, religion, politics, social status, and the center of diversified culture and tradition. The facade of the walled city, the churches and some old structures are the remaining reminders to us that once upon a time Intramuros was the center of influence and power all over our nation.
Intramuros Point of View

Burot Beach with my Travel Buddies

The much awaited sequel of our Calaguas Island Adventure has finally set into reality. We’ve marked our calendar for a day trip in one of the raising tourist spot in Calatagan, Batangas – Burot Beach.

Burot Beach became famous because of a blogger who posted and shared his personal experience regarding the place. Aside from Burot Beach is just 3 hours away from Metro Manila this is also perfect for weekend and Barkada getaway.
Burot Team

Britania Group of Island of Surigao del Sur : Save the best for Last

We're running out of place to be visited - Literally. We've seen and explored Tinuy-an Falls and the international doll house in our day 2 stay in Bislig supposedly it's on our Day 3. Right then and there Arem and I decided and determined to journey with limited information to Surigao's famous beaches and islets, Britania Group of Islands.

Britania Group of Islands is found at Baragay Salvacion San Agustin, Surigao del Sur. it composes of 13 beautiful island, 5 among those has shoreline to be landed plus 1 private owned resort. 
Journey with me | Britania Group of Islands | Surigao del Sur

Sibadan Fish Cage : My Overnight Experience

To end our hectic time table, we stayed in a place near Hinatuan and has a direct access to the enchanted river. We chose Sibadan Fish Cage as our temporary shelter over the night.

Sibadan Fish Cage is strategically located near Port Lamon and offers affordable rooms as well as mouth watering seafood. 

Pangasinan Pacific Shore and Margarett Island Peak Resort: Promising Gems of Hinatuan

Since, Arem and I had a limited knowledge about Surigao del Sur's must see places. We talked to the locals, list down and sort out the possible tourist spot and strategize for a getaway.

Guided by our well planned itinerary plus the collective inputs we gathered. we're on track for the best times journeying in Mindanao.

Tinago River of Hinatuan: Hidden and Exposed

Literally hidden, Tinago River kicks off our day 2 adventure in Surigao del Sur. Hinatuan Island Hopping. 

From Sibadan Fish Cage, Kuya Norberto Viola our bangkero fetched us around 6 o'clock in the morning. I'm cluesless about the River that we're bound to discover.