Estancia, Iloilo: Center of Commerce

Found in the northern tip of the Panay Island, Estancia Iloilo is the center of trade, religion, education and travel spot.

Having said a gist of the place, I’ll be having my day three and four in Estancia. Excited
Bayas, Estancia Iloilo

Carles, Iloilo : Untouched Haven

A mini get together with the Bensurto clan held in a nearby beach in Carles marks my day 2 in Iloilo.
Carles is one of the 42 municipality of the province of Iloilo. Aside from the plentiful products of their agriculture industry, Carles is bless with beautiful beaches and marine resources.
white powdery sand and crystal clear blue water beyond compare is seen in the coast line of the said place. also, a noticeable hill and cliff added an exotic appeal with the totally of the ambience. Magnificent

hill | Carles, Iloilo

Balasan, Iloilo: Land of Golden Fields

Finally, I’m home. Right after the 21 hours RoRo experience, I stood in the midst of the golden fields. A sensation of “belongingness “struck my heart, fulfilled promise Lola Mommy. Just in time I’m with my grandma’s younger sister Lola Puka and her brother in law, Lolo Dumeng. Family

I felt the sincerest welcome with my relatives and my goal would be to know and explore my inheritance - Balasan, Iloilo.
Rice field | Balasan, Iloilo

RoRo : The ultimate land – water travel adventure

It was a long due plan to be reunited with my relatives in Iloilo. So, together with my Aunt Vina, cousin of my Mom, we will both conquer the land and the sea by means of RoRo. An alternative mode of transportation.

Roll on, Roll off or commonly known as RoRo is an interconnected island system of transportation that involves road trip travel and sea voyage. Having said the course of our journey, Let the ultimate story telling begins.
View from RoRo