RoRo : The ultimate land – water travel adventure

It was a long due plan to be reunited with my relatives in Iloilo. So, together with my Aunt Vina, cousin of my Mom, we will both conquer the land and the sea by means of RoRo. An alternative mode of transportation.

Roll on, Roll off or commonly known as RoRo is an interconnected island system of transportation that involves road trip travel and sea voyage. Having said the course of our journey, Let the ultimate story telling begins.
View from RoRo
Ahead of time, my Aunt Vina bought two tickets off to Balasan, Iloilo (1240 pesos each), hassle free on the day of our travel. We’ve departed Dimple Stars (Bus Line - Pasay) terminal at 3 o’clock in the afternoon smooth land travel going to Batangas port via SLEX.

After 2 hours we’ve reached Batangas port, all the passenger on board must enter the premises of the port area for security measure. We’ve waited for an hour before we departed the said vicinity

Around 6 o’clock in the evening we’ve been traveling the sea off to Calapan, Mindoro Port via Starlite Ferry.  Sunset by the ferry, pleasuring my eyes with the beauty of nature.  Relaxing

Like a boss | rest mode | RoRo
Calapan, Mindoro Port | RoRo | Land Travel Next 
At 8 in the evening, we’re comfortably seated in the bus and headed in Roxas, Mindoro Port approximately 4 hours of land travel and we took the opportunity to rest. Along the way there’s one bus stop for late dinner, cup noodles for me and my Aunt just filled her lips with Luke warm water.

From my point of view, a never ending farm lands, several bridges, gigantic mountains, stone and wooden houses and my eyes retires from the distanced travel we had.

Vessel | RoRo
A long horning sound from a nearby vessel wakes my tiring body.  The bus conductor collected 15 pesos for the terminal fee and finally, Roxas (Mindoro) Port. We’ve entered the port area for inspection and headed in the ferry, waited for an hour and for the second time in a single day, we’ve cross the sea – off to Caticlan, Aklan.

Glaring in the vast blue ocean makes me wander of things I’ve left in Manila. Realization

What’s in store for me when I arrive in my Mom’s hometown – I don’t know, for the first time I’m clueless with the place. Pure adventure, exciting!

After four exhausting hours, we’ve arrived at Caticlan Port. Without further delay, our route would be Aklan – Roxas - Iloilo. In my wristwatch it’s 5 o’clock in the morning and staring in the bus window waiting for the sunrise.

Terminal Fee | Aklan
Caticlan, Aklan by Day | RoRo
Just in time, I’ve seen the bright sun ready to serve the whole day to guide ahead of us.

I have seen the coast line of Aklan, the simplicity of the major towns of Roxas City, towering mountains, old churches and pre Spanish structures and many things to recall. Urban Life

Pleasuring my eyes to the fullest.

Cornfield | Balasan, Iloilo | Home
Last 6 hours to dwell and I’ll be reunited with my Lola Puka and Lolo Dumeng, my Lola Mommy’s younger sister and her brother in law.

I’m observing silently the signage along the way. From Aklan to Roxas City, and to Roxas to Iloilo, and we’ve arrived at Balasan, Iloilo at mid afternoon. Finally

My Aunt Vina fetches her brother at the Plaza, since our drop off from the bus is different from what she told her brother. We’ve ride habal habal (single motorcycle) going to their farm for less than 20 minutes. What an experience

I’m home! Hug and kisses welcome me.

And my 21hours ends with big smile around me.

For the next 5 days, I’ll live plainly with a simple lifestyle in the middle of the farm.


  1. Keep in mind the safety of your travel before anything else. After all its your safety that matters most.

    Travel Tips

    1. Yes, I will and thanks for the concern :)
      -this is an alternative means of transportation in the Philippines

  2. Replies
    1. Iloilo is one of the most scenic spot in the Philippines and it offers exotic appeals to traveller to name some - Isla de Gigantes and Guimaras. The province is rich in cultural heritages, better visit the place Marian :)

    2. That sounds interesting! Looking forward to visit the province!:)