Kamay ni Hesus: With Him

Quezon Province is known for its diversified natural wonders, landmarks, famous heroes and politicians but aside from I've mentioned, the said place signifies the great influnce of the spaniard in our country which is religion - Catholisism.

For 300 years of colonialism and up to the present generation, Religion binds our nation with one God and by showing devotion and faith, the Spanish Colony built hundreds of Churches all over the Philippines to spread and preach the word of the Lord.

NOW - Century year old churches are being preserve, restore and protected by the local government and NGO as this structure are vital part of our inheritance, culture, tradition and history.

Talking about religion and churches, there's specific spot in Quezon which is in Lucban, where a huge statue of Jesus Christ stood at the top of the mountain. Which is called Kamay ni Hesus.
Credits to Edward Calugtong
Church | Credits to Edward Calugtong
Kamay ni Hesus, is inspired by Biblical events and characters with an ambience of Garden of Eden. Trees, plants and flowers are all over the place with manmade falls and lake to complete the forest like atmosphere.

A modern type church is constructed on the baseline of the mountain for devotees, masses and other religious activities.

Near the house of God is a gate with stairs going up to the Huge Stone Image of Jesus Christ spreading his arms in the air as if inviting and enchanting everyone with His grace and charm.
Credits to Edward Calugtong | Back
As we progress climbing there's station of the cross that tourist and devotees can pray and take photos with. Cool.
I've personally been there twice with different purpose and company.

The first was with my College friends, a day tour "for the boys". It’s been included in our Itinerary before heading to Majayjay Falls (Imelda Falls). The place was under construction when we visited, building new attraction for tourists and devotees.

Last Suffer | Credits to Edward Calugtong
Near the church, there's Adan and Eve statue, as well as the last suffer and Noah's Arc Replica as if I'm time travelling in Biblical events and seeing in static motion my religion class.

There's a centralized location where visitors can buy "pasalubong", we bought cassava cake and the famous pancit habhab before we headed in our next destination place.

The second visit was more in the religious side. Paulo invited me together with Mae to attend the healing mass for his Tita. From Alabang to Lucban we had 3 smooth hours of road trip. Lucky to be with them i felt i’m healed spiritually after attending the mass and climbing the stairs going up for the second time encounter with the Image of Christ stood at the top of the Mountain. Overlooking Lucban and the green environment makes me feel closer to Him and the nature, very relaxing and refreshing. Thinking and feeling free.
With Pau and Mae | Credits to Paulo Bona
I must say my second visit in Kamay ni Hesus is the most memorable and intimate interaction with Him.
Noah's Arc | Credits to Paulo Bona

How to get there:
By Bus: from Buendia, ride a bus bound to Lucban, Quezon and from Lucban take jeepneys off to Kamay ni Hesus

By private vehicle, take SLEX and follow the route off to Lucban Quezon.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: visiting Kamay ni Hesus is an spiritual journey for me. Intimate place to be one with Him. Also, there's specific schedule for healing mass if you're interested to attend. Thanks for reading my entry hope you do inspire to travel. Till next time.

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