Majayjay Falls of Laguna: Freezing in a daylight

Right after our short visit in Kamay ni Hesus we headed directly to Imelda Falls also known to it's famous name, Majayjay Falls. Majayjay is one of the provinces of Laguna near the boundary of Quezon Province.

From Lucban proper we took a jeepney bound to Majayjay. We just reminded the driver we're all bound to Majayjay Falls and for about an hour we've reached the tricycle terminal off to the main entrance and registration area of the said falls.
Majayjay Falls | Credits to Edward Calugtong
Registration | Credits to Edward Calugtong
We're all excited to experience the coldness of the water, right after writing our names and paying the entrance fee, we walk for about 5 minutes in a stiff man made path off to the powerful downfall of water of Majayjay.

Just notice long and big water tube in the area and later did i know, there's powerplant generating electricity for the province. Now i know.

We waste no time, we immediately changed clothes and jump into the water. Funny thing is we felt we're freezing in a daylight. the water is so cold to resist.
As per my internet research, the said Falls stood at 12 meters and located at Barangay Gagalot, Majayjay Laguna . Facts according to Pinoy Mountaineers Site

Since we're all starving we shared our packed lunch "buddle fight" style. That was the last time that I remember i ate rice happily with my college friends.

We've tried again to swim but still failed to stay long. We just took the oppurtunity to frame Majayjay falls in our digital cameras as well as our group pictures and wacky poses.

Going Home | Credits to Edward Calugtong
The sunlight will fade soon and we have morning class to attend the following day. By turns we used the bathroom and clean ourselves. Just in time we're off to the bus terminal bound to Manila. Lucky us, that was the last trip. Together with the boys we ride the jeepney standing and holding the bars on the tail part of the said vehicle and that was one memorable road trip to date.

From Lucban Proper to Majayjay - 50php
Trike bound to registration area - 20php
Registration fee - 35php
Jeepney bound to the Bus terminal -50php
Bus off to Manila - 170php

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Experience yourself the coldness of this Falls and this is only an approximate 4 hours travel.

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