My Hometown's Pride: Isla de Gigantes, Iloilo

There are hundred ways and reasons to express happiness, for me travelling, exploring and blogging are my few definition of enjoying life, maybe for some drinking coffee and having a good read would be a simple joy or a conversation with a friend might complete the day of a person. It varies, I must say but at the end of the day what matters most is you appreciated LIFE and thank you Lord for that.

I’ll start with saying “I really miss blogging”. Most of my time was occupied preparing for my “ultimate goal to date” to conquer half Ironman, a 70.3 miles triathlon race in Cebu and I’m happy to share to you Guys, I just did. Going back, as promised to myself, here I am blogging and let me introduce my hometown’s pride Isla de Gigantes.

The province of Iloilo would be the highlight of my first quarter escapade and my first blog entry for the year 2015, a quite late but worth the share.
Cabugao Gamay