Kawit, Cavite : Maytinis 2013

I must say, Kawit Cavite is my second home. I’ve almost spent every summer of my childhood there where my relatives reside near the Saint Mary Magdalene Church. Every December, The church religiously committed to uplift the spirit of Catholicism by showcasing biblical events and characters in the form of parade escorted by harmonious band of every local town that participate the yearly event which is called Maytinis. 

San Juan, La Union: Year-ender Splashin’

To start with, I’m glad to end my year by spending quality time near the sea where challenging big waves are inviting to ride and balance with. And once you set foot in the flat board and the tides starts to carry you while maintaining stability that’s the time the sensation of excitement combined with determination and passion will emerge within to strive all over again. Indeed a must do extreme water sports - Surfing.