Mt Marami : The Labyrinth Trail

Mt. Marami is situated at the heart of Maragondon Cavite sharing the same location and characteristics with Pico de Loro. The said Mountain stands at 405 MASL and categorize as class 1- 3. The name Mt. Marami is of local origin to its “many rocks” formation.

I must say, Mt. Marami is one of my most memorable climb to date, to start the storytelling, the KASAMA (Kabataang Sabik Mamundok) Group scheduled a minor climb last March 26 and 27 2011, composed of the old members plus numerous recruit equals 19 energetic mountain climbers.
Group Picture at Mt. Marami | Credits to Arem Gelogo

Hundred islands of Pangasinan

There are hundred ways to describe the famous islands of Pangasinan but there’s one word that fits for the grandest of the place – “stunning”

We first visited Pangasinan way back summer of 2009. We went to Anda, Mother Island of the hundred islands to have a summer vacation, away from home works and stressful examinations. We’ve also explored Tondol Beach and a nearby place where salt is produced. But since we’re just a student during that time we never got the chance to see the renowned group of islands. From them on, we’ve promised to ourselves that when the day comes that we earned enough money, we will explore the Hundred Islands of Pangasinan.
Tondol beach | Year 2009