Cebu Trip: Kawasan falls, Incomparable Beauty

If you wanted to explore Cebu at its finest, the southern part of the province caters magnificence natural wonders either by land or water element. Enable to discover its hidden treasure, long distance travel is needed.

Kawasan Falls is positioned at the south western part of the municipality of Badian, Cebu. From South Bus Terminal going down to Badian will take you 3 – 4 hours of land travel. 15 – 30 minutes of trekking and you shall witness the majestic natural beauty of the popular falls.
More Fun in Cebu | Kawasan Falls  | Credits to Arem Gelogo 
Towering and securing its perfect spot at the middle of the forest, Kawasan Falls is also known with its other chains of waterfalls within the area, equally posses’ incomparable appeal with each other.
road trip | country side | more fun in Cebu

Having said some description with the place, our day 3 in Cebu will be at Kawasan Falls, we left Robe’s Pension House around 5 o’clock in the morning. We had our breakfast on wheels to save time and after that, we took the opportunity to sleep and rest for a while.

Along the way Kuya Dudong (our driver) shared to us that the near island seen from a far is Negros Oriental and the noticeable eminent mountain is Mount Kanlaon, the highest Peak in Visayas. We’ve stopped for a while and took some pictures.

We've continued our journey and reached the registration area in time. 10 pesos each was our entrance fee and hired a local tour guide for 150 pesos.
Registration receipt | off to Kawasan Falls
The clean and refreshing environment welcomes us all, the river is crystal clear, the trees are dancing in the wind and people are accommodating to us. Wow
Wow | more fun in Cebu
In less than 20 minutes we’ve arrived at the baseline of Kawasan Falls. We captured photographs of the famous falls with the distinct bamboo boat on the side as well as for our group pictures.
Kawasan Falls at a distance | Superb | Nature
Kawasan Falls
A local there offers us to try the bamboo rafting for 300 pesos. 8 out of 11 agreed to experience the activity but before anything else we had our early lunch.

After eating we’ve tried the said activity. We’ve ride the balsa and cross the falls. As if an automatic massage caresses our upper body against the running water of the said falls. Great experience!!! We did it twice!

See photos below
Enjoy | Kawasan Falls | Da Best
Cold | Freezin'


Adrenaline Rush

with our bangkeros 
second time around | Kawasan Falls

Having fun
Swimming time.

According to our tour guide there’s other chain of falls hidden at the forest connected to Kawasan Falls.

Julius and I explored it first before bringing the group to five other falls.
exploring the other waterfalls | Credits to Julius Magdasoc
Superb | Credits to Julius Magdasoc
Julius | Credits to Julius Magdasoc
Upon reporting to the group what we have seen, we right away trek the location of the falls.

The Girls
Gladys | Beauty
Bonding time
Upon arriving at the last waterfalls, we’ve decided to rest and let the other enjoy the place.

We’ve challenged ourselves to jump in a cliff, more or less 15 feet high above and will drop off 30 feet below. WOW

Challenge accepted!!!

Julius in Motion
Arem in Action
Baron is Nervous
Baron Made it!
After the nerve breaking challenge. We’ve headed back in the main falls to swim again for one last time.
We had some small talks.


And pleasure ourselves with the cold water of Kawasan Falls.

Sweet Couple

Goodbye | Till next time | Kawasan Falls
At 3 o’clock in the afternoon, we call it a day. It’s time
Words are not enough to describe the grandness of Kawasan Falls. I am please to explore the place at its best. Till next time

Transportation: Going to Badian vice versa – 320 (160 pesos one way)
Entrance Fee: 10 pesos
Table: 300
Rating: 300
Bangkero’s Tip: it’s up to you
Tour Guide fee: 150


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