Cebu Trip: Skywalk Extreme

On the 37th floor of Crown Regency Cebu located the Philippines’ first and only skywalk adventure at the present time and if you wanted to conquer your fear of heights or also known as acrophobia. This extreme outdoor activity is right for you.
We've conquered Skywalk extreme | Crown Regency Hotel Cebu
Before our day 1 (in Cebu) ends we’ve tried and experienced the boldest attempt to walk beneath the sky, at 418 feet high. We’ve accepted the challenge to walk with safety harness in the tallest tower in Cebu City. For only 550 pesos the skywalk experience is yours

To ease the air of fear, we've managed to laugh out loud to forget about the activity but reality bites, knowing, seeing and feeling that you’ll walk without fences is nerve breaking sensation. I led the group but to be honest I was nervous. I've just walked with attitude.

The photographer / tour guide instructed us to pose fierce in front of the camera while seating at the edge of the ramp. Cool
Face your fear | Crown Regency Hotel Cebu
From above, the grandest of Cebu will be seen. We’ve stayed for a while and took solo picture by turns.
Photo Op at the Edge

Say Cheese | Brave soul
emo pose | Crown Regency Hotel Cebu
My Solo Picture  | Crown Regency Hotel Cebu
A must try activity when you’re in Cebu.
Group Picture | Crown Regency Hotel Cebu

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