Cebu Trip: Sumilon Island, Shades of Color

Right after our close encounter with the friendly Butanding of Oslob, we’ve rented a boat for 2300 pesos and we’re off to Sumilon Island.

Sumilon island is found at the southeastern part of Oslob, Cebu. Known with its coral reef, sandbars, white powdery sands and world class five star hotels (blue water hotel). To prove all those praises, our group is excited to experience the grandness of the said island.
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Jump shot | More fun in the Philippines
The eminent crystal blue water surrounds the island, the most amazing part is the shades of color. From Navy Blue to emerald green with bluish touch, sky blue to divine whiteness reflected from the powdery sands of Sumilon. Heavenly
What more can I say? Wow

Upon reaching the splendid coast line of Sumilon, we’ve paid 10 pesos each – Environmental Fee

We just dropped our belongings and immediately took pictures, swim and enjoy the heat of the sun. Summer
Tourist | Sumilon Island
Group Picture | Sumilon Island
Fun shots | Friends
As mid afternoon approaches, the waves are getting bigger and wilder. High tide

We’ve decided to stay till 2.30pm. We’ve asked our Bangkero’s to tour us around the island. We’ve just wanted to see (from our boat) Sumilon Island for one last time.
Rest Mode | coast line
Feelin' the heat | Summer | Sumilon

Shades of Color | Sumilon Island
Break taking scenery and the best summer vacation with friends to date
Author's note | Sumilon Island | More Fun in Cebu

I must say, Sumilon Island is one of the best places I’ve ever been. Aside from the crystal clear water, the island is protected and preserved by the locals with the supervision of our government. So what are you waiting for, get your back packs and visit Sumilon Island this summer.

From South Bus terminal take a bus going to Oslob (160 one way, 320 two way)
From Oslob (MB’s sunrise view resort) we’ve rented a boat for 2300 (group of 11)
Environmental fee – 10 pesos per head
Group Picture @ Sumilon Island, Cebu | More Fun in the Philippines | Wacky

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