Macahambus Cave of Misamis Oriental: The expected and unexpected Caving.

Upon reading the monumental mark outside the opening of the cave I personally found out that Macahambus Cave was used as hiding place by revolutionaries during the Filipino – American War of Independence in 1900. Aside from its historical value, the said cavern is part of the tropical Macahambus forest and home to local bats with an estimated 57 meters in length.

Cagayan de Oro’s White Water Rafting: Pure Extreme Adventure

There are people who are willing to pay "x amount" of money just to experience the high of adrenaline rush and I must say I am one of those people that can be tagged as thrill seeker.

Right after we booked a flight bound to Cagayan de Oro (CDO), unanimous consent of the group is to include the famous White Water Rafting.

White water rafting is a challenging recreational river course that professional and trained alike is allowed to maneuver deadliest rapids using specialized rubber boats.

Having said a short background with the trip that we’ll be doing, everyone is excited to feel and know-how a new definition of the word “extreme adventure”

Northern Mindanao Trip: The Amazing, Surprising and Exciting Adventure

To start with, I must say that there’s no perfect travel trip. Months of preparation and research will not guarantee the success of a well planned escapade along the way there are circumstances that will arise that will attest the excitement and faith to continue travelling and also it all depends on how you guys will handle the current situation to make the unexpected scenario be a memorable and happiest event to date. On that note, let me share to you guys, my point of view in my recent Northern Mindanao Trip.
White sand Island | Camiguin