Butuan City : Glimpse of History

Upon our arrival at Bancasi Airport (Butuan City) we immediately headed at the helpdesk slash tourism office for direction and “must see” in the area. The attending officer gave us leaflet where imprinted map and tourist spot was illustrated.
Bansa Church Ruins 
The officer advised us to go directly to the Regional Museum to see old artifacts found in Butuan. Butuan City is geographically positioned at the south west of Agusan del Norte and part of the northern tip of Agusan Valley, where Agusan River and bay is interconnected. In early accounts, Butuan established strong trade industry with the Chinese merchants and has great civilization and governance. Historians today are presenting that the arrival of Ferdinand Magellan and the first mass happened here as well as the blood compact. If their claim will be proven correct, history will change in an instance .A little bit of history huh?!

Going Back: Unfortunately, upon reaching the Regional Museum the Security Guard informed us that the said facility was temporarily closed due to renovation. Arem and I studied the map and agreed to visit the Bansa Church Ruins. We ride a tricycle and MultiCab [R4 signage] bound to the tricycle terminal going to different barangay of Butuan.

We patiently waited for other passengers to fill in the remaining seats.

Upon our trip to the ruins, I personally commend the well constructed roads and bridge in Butuan which is a good indication of progress.

When I’ve noticed that we’re the only passenger left in the tricycle I’ve asked politely the driver if we’re near the Bansa Church Ruins and replied to me that we’re heading in the Church of Bansa. Opps! Wrong place! He sincerely apologized to us and just in time we’ve arrived at remains of once a grandiose structure and center of Christianity in Butuan.
Agusan River
The Bell tower of the Church was the only remaining façade that signifies Christianity and history of the past centuries. After taking picture, we paid the driver 100 pesos for the back forth ride.
The Tower

Bansa Church Ruins
Magsaysay Bridge
Purely trip, we both decided to pose beside the Magsaysay Bridge. Just for the sake of souvenir photos thinking in mind that we’re tourist here. Power Trip
Aside from the place we've been, Butuan has other site that tourist can visit. See list below:

-Bequibel Shell Midden

-Balangay Boat Digging Site

-Diosdado Macapagal Bridge

-Magellan’s Anchorage (Park)


AUTHOR’S NOTE: People in Mindanao are courteous and very accommodating, ask question that will satisfy your craving in information. Bring that bright smile to please them back. Opps! Enjoy as well. Together let’s explore MINDANAO.