Burot Beach with my Travel Buddies

The much awaited sequel of our Calaguas Island Adventure has finally set into reality. We’ve marked our calendar for a day trip in one of the raising tourist spot in Calatagan, Batangas – Burot Beach.

Burot Beach became famous because of a blogger who posted and shared his personal experience regarding the place. Aside from Burot Beach is just 3 hours away from Metro Manila this is also perfect for weekend and Barkada getaway.
Burot Team
The cast of Team Burot | Calatagan Batangas
GOING BACK: First and foremost, I would like to personally commend my travel buddy Budz for this successful event. He made the itinerary for us and contact all the participants for the much anticipated out of town trip for the gang. We planned it several times during, before and after summer season but we failed to execute and finalize a date for this one. Finally due to the desire to travel and get a “day off” from our hectic shifting workload we decided and chose Burot Beach be our travel destination, by any means, rain or shine will pursue to explore this place.

Sheen informed us that she invited her Little sister Lenlen as well as her team mate Cholo and his friend Dharryl. 

Around 4 o’clock in the morning we all met at Mcdonald’s Pasay Taft branch. There’s lot of option going to Burot Beach and we trimmed down our choices by riding a van.
at McDonald | Pasay Taft | Credits to Brian Budlao
The van terminal bound to Calatagan Batangas is near MRT Taft Station and in between the streets of Metropoint Mall and Kabayan Hotel. First trip would be 4 o’clock in the morning and last trip is at 8 in the evening. The fare is 160 pesos as of July 2013.

I was sleepy then I didn’t notice our route, I just woke up seeing a familiar place, Tagaytay. I closed my eyes to regain strength and later did I know we finally arrived at the terminal near a Public Market. Calatagan, Batangas.

Before heading at the beach, I collected 200 pesos each for our group fund. We bought 1 whole chicken, 3 kilos pork, 1 kilo of prawns, seasonings, vegetables, condiments, plastic cups and plates, fork and spoon and bread for our late breakfast.
After securing all the things we needed, we’ve separated into two groups, I, Cholo and Dharryl ride in the first tricycle while Sheen, Lenlen and Budz followed us. We paid 50 pesos each for that ride.

From the Public Market going to Burot Beach is an estimated 10 -15 minutes rough ride. According to the tricycle driver, the said beach is also known as Elizalde Beach and owned by SM Corporation. He added that it started to become popular last quarter of 2012 because of a blogger. Thanks to that blogger

We’ve arrived and welcomed by a security guard wearing a logo of SM in his white long sleeves. He informed us about the fees. After setting up our tent and selecting a perfect spot near a sari sari store we paid our dues. Entrance fees 65 pesos each and both 100 pesos for the grill and bamboo table usage.
Credits to Brian Budlao
Before we precede preparing and cooking our food for lunch we first explore Burot Beach. Thanks God for the fair weather
Point of View | Burot
Calatagan is known for its golden sunset and to add up the fame of the place, Burot Beach is the next big thing to the said province. White sands and clear water, 3 to 4 years from now if SM develop it as luxurious resort this will change the course of travel destination in the South.

One good thing about travelling with friends is strengthening the bond of relationship as well as meeting new acquaintances and establishing good memories to cherish with.
Lenlen, Sheen, Dharryl, Cholo and Budz | Me the photographer
Girls of Burot beach 
All for “good times” away from our laptops and task in the office we’ve enjoyed the heat of the sun and the luke warm water of Burot Beach. Work Life Balance

Just in time Mikko arrived and we started to cook our food. Budz prepares the buttered prawns and Tinolang Manok while Sheen and I grilled the pork.

It was a feast indeed! We shared our overflowing food and been bloated afterwards.
Grilled Pork by Chef Sheen and Baron
Eating Time | Burot Beach | Credits Brian Budlao
To complete the group bonding we drink two bottles of beer and laugh out loud some jokes about each other. It’s been a while since I last saw them smile just sharing and throwing naughty words and we’re all wishing for an overnight stay here but due to our shifting schedule this is not possible.

A local there asked us if we wanted to visit a vanishing island and a place where star fish is found. For a fare deal of 50 pesos each we agreed right away.
Island Hopping | Credits to Brian Budlao
We first visited the location of the star fish and I was mesmerized and overwhelmed with their presences. Their too many! It’s an indication of good environment. See our photos below

After taking our solo, group and wacky poses we headed at the Vanishing Island. 
With Patrick Star
Enjoying Patrick
Say Patrick
Lenlen | Credits to Brian Budlao
Cholo | Credits to Brian Budlao
We stayed long there because Sheen, Mikko and Cholo tried to do their stunts – tumbling, head stand and other gymnastic acts. I enjoyed watching them. 
Cholo and Mikko
Amazing Sheen
Head Stand | Sheen
Cholo's turn
Nice one | Failed | Jump Shot
Our Bangkero challenge us to eat a fresh sea food, it’s called “Santol santolan” it taste and feel salty-sweet and slimy. What an experience!

During the course of our island hopping I’ve noticed the beautiful corals in the area. Wow! Amazing! This place is really blessed with stunning coastline and healthy marine environment.

Before we bid farewell to the place, we swam again and enjoy the upcoming sunset. Planning for the next target place.

SPECIAL CONCERN: There’s no electricity on the area so better to be prepared. The sari sari stores offers stove rental and free usage of their utensils.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Planning for a perfect getaway near the Metropolis, Burot Beach is indeed the nearest place. White sands, clear water, golden sunset and closed friends what are you waiting for? Visit this beach and forget just for a day the stressful environment of Manila.
Thanks Burot Beach | Credits to Brian Budlao


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    1. Thanks :) will recommend you.

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  2. Care to share who that blogger is?

    1. dunno the name of the blogger :) The trike driver shared to us this info. or it you? :)

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  3. Hi,

    Did you bring any cooking materials and kitchen utensils? Or did you rent them?


    1. we just paid the gas [when we cooked] and borrowed utensils in the sari sari store. Hmmm its summer time so please bring utensils there might lots of tourist. Thanks for reading my post.

  4. Hi, pa comment po hehe, yung mga gusto pong pumuntang burot beach sa calatagan batangas, nag papa rent po ako ng van, L300 van fully air conditioned, 12 max pass , 8,500 po ang rate ko overnyt �� nka ilang balik na din po ako sa burot maganda talaga (tanggal stress) lalo na island hopping , sa sand bar, starfish island at corals , salamat po eto po number ko 09176027685 salamat po :D

  5. --hi there! :) do you think it's okay to go there this coming Black Saturday? may mga nababasa kasi acong ibang comments na super crowded daw kasi pag weekends.. nagdadalawang isip tuloy aco.. help please thank you! :)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Expect the place to be crowded since it's summer time but if I were you, go to the place early and at the left most side of burot beach there's still space/place to camp. as well as bring your own cook set :) Hope you'll enjoy your stay there and updated me of your adventure. Thanks tough :)

  6. Hi...do u recommend sum1 we can contact?...we want to go there...by the end of this month...is there a clean cr? R der cottges or tent rentals? Thanks!

    1. Burot is owned by SM hmm and we just visited the place in our own. You can follow my instructions on how to get in Burot. :) about the CR, yes it's clean but don't expect too much. It's just made by woods.

  7. Hi kuya baron,
    Ask ko lang po, nag-day trip lang po kayo right? What time po kayo umuwi? Salamat po sa napakagandang post ninyo. Laking tulong po :)

    1. Hi Nicole! Thanks for reading and commenting to my post. we've decided to leave Burot beach around 4.30pm and reached the Van Terminal at 5:00pm, I think that's the last trip bound to Pasay. :) Have a great summer getaway. Thanks again!

  8. Hi , 7,000 n lang po rate ko papuntang burot beach, balikan na po yun :) yung mga gusto pong pumuntang burot beach sa calatagan batangas, nag papa rent po ako ng van, L300 van fully air conditioned, from manila to burot and from burot to manila . 12 max pass , 7,000 n lang po ang rate ko overnyt �� nka ilang balik na din po ako sa burot maganda talaga (tanggal stress) lalo na island hopping , sa sand bar, starfish island at corals , salamat po eto po number ko 09176027685 eto din po ung facebook account ko, michael_cupcupin@yahoo.com or search ( john michael cupcupin ) salamat po :D

  9. Hello gud pm! Me & my family are planning to have our outing at Burot Beach...thanks for your blog Mr. BARON! Ahhhm...just wanna ask f merin bang mga cottages dun or kahit ung mga lamesa na gawa sa kawayan at may bubong? Mrami kc kmi...we are planning to have a day tour..so for sure napakainit nun! Meron kayang masisilungan dun or marerent na cottages? Coz accdng sa mga nabasa q merong mga for rent na tent...pero hndi un magiging comfortable pra sa mga kids eh...thanks in advance! :)

    1. There's for rent table made in bamboo(100php) under the tree and tent (i guess 300/night, not sure though). No cottages in the area better bring your own big umbrella and/or tents for convenience if you have one :) Please be reminded that the said place is so remote, no electricity and one sari sari store so better have your supplies. Thanks for reading and commenting to my post. Hope you'll enjoy your trip in Burot :)

  10. Ang ganda! :) Ang cute ng starfish! :)) We are planning to go there this summer. I hope na maenjoy din namin ang beach tulad nyo :))

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  11. Boss, how rough is the road going to the beach? Kaya ba daanan ng sedan type na car (honda city). What day kayo pumunta? Thanks!

    1. There are rough parts and majority of the road going to the entrance of the beach is not cemented (as of July 2013) but I think you can use your car. We went there on Sunday. Thanks for reading and posting your comment :) have an awesome escapade in Burot Beach

  12. How did you get a tric going back to the public market in calatagan?

    1. We talked to the trike driver that we will be going back in the Terminal at 5 o'clock in the afternoon

  13. Hi Baron! We are planning to go there next weekend.. ask ko lang if need pang magpa-reserve or just walk in na lang? :)) TIA. sabi pa nung iba..marumi na daw ang tubig at puro putik pa.. any facts? :)

    1. Just Go there :) No reservations needed though expect the numbers of visitors alike in Burot. As I've mentioned in my post Burot is undeveloped area. somewhat Virgin paradise near Metro Manila. The water is clear and lot's of starfish an indication of a healthy environment. See it yourself :) Thanks for reading my post and hope you'll enjoy the place :)

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  15. Hey. Meron bang time limit ung day tour? I mean like pag 5pm na papaalisin na sila? Or anytime naman pwede umalis wag lang magovernight? And one more thing, ano kaya ung latest sched sa bus if ever? Kasi gusto namin macapture ung sunset. Hehe. Thanks and sorry madami tanong!

    1. Hey too [haha, just kiddin']
      first question- You can stay all day long and leave what ever time you wanted but the main concern would be the availability of the Vans off to Manila.
      second and third question- The moment you entered the vicinity of Burot the guard will ask you if you'll be staying overnight or just the whole day [I think the fee differs].
      fourth question - I think every hour but I highly advise to you guys to take the van for speedy travel
      last question - I am very willing to answer all your queries, so no worries with your question :)

      Thanks for reading my blog entry and I hope you'll do enjoy your stay there :)

  16. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

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