Tinago River of Hinatuan: Hidden and Exposed

Literally hidden, Tinago River kicks off our day 2 adventure in Surigao del Sur. Hinatuan Island Hopping. 

From Sibadan Fish Cage, Kuya Norberto Viola our bangkero fetched us around 6 o'clock in the morning. I'm cluesless about the River that we're bound to discover.
According to Kuya Norberto, best time to visit the river is during high tide. That's what we did. first in our list.

We entered a small opening of the river covered by mangrooves and coconut trees as we progress our journey i personally noticed the clear water of the river. as if you're mirroring and you can see what's beneath of it. Amazing!

Along the river are islet with wooden houses in it and fisherman with their small boat, Plain living in the province a remarkable difference from Metro Manila. life
Fisherman | Tinago River
In The Middle of the River
As we end our short Tinago River tour, I've observed the elevated wooden houses above the sea. I remembered seeing pictures of those from history books where early civilization lives near the body of water for trade, culture and tradition.
Visit Tinago River and seize the moment to relax.

How To Get There:
Rent a boat from Enchanted River with an hourly rate of 160 pesos.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Feel the early morning breeze and be one with nature as you explore Tinago River. Thanks for reading. Have a nice day.

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