Sibadan Fish Cage : My Overnight Experience

To end our hectic time table, we stayed in a place near Hinatuan and has a direct access to the enchanted river. We chose Sibadan Fish Cage as our temporary shelter over the night.

Sibadan Fish Cage is strategically located near Port Lamon and offers affordable rooms as well as mouth watering seafood. 

Arem and I personally selected this place for the following reason.
Welcome All
One, room rates are very cheap here. we acquired the single bedroom with electric fan for 300 pesos only compared with the similar place with been first which has no electric fan and has smaller room.

Second, this place is very famous for their fresh seafood directly harvested in their cage.

Third, you can go fishing in the cage and ask their chef to cook it the way you requested.

Fourth, cheap price of seafoods and low rates of service charge. 

Fifth, accomodating crew

Sixth, the place is powered by generators

Going back: I wanted to try fishing, unfortunately the other guest uses the fishing items. i just pleasure myself watching them. 

Around 7 in the evening our food was served. sweet and spicy crabs (kasag) and fish soup. so delicious and lots of leftover food just two of us eating, we just gave it to our attending crew.

Feeling sticky because of our whole day city tour in Butuan. We decided to take a bath. to our dismay our soap, shampoo and facial wash do not bubble, later did we know that the place uses salt water. Just for this day. I told myself after all its part of being an adventurist guy.

Before departing myself to the dreamland I personally felt the waving sensation as if I'm in the water. Knowing that underneath our bed is the sea of surigao. and i closed my eyes

I woke up early in the morning and left Arem in our room. I've watched the sun to rise and feel the breeze of the wind. This would be one of those rare moment just seating thinking of nothing. Just in time Kuya Norberto arrived. First destination, Tinago River.

I'll share below the list of expenses in our overnight stay in Sibadan Fish Cage.

1 Room at 300 - 300 pesos
1 kg crabs / kasag - 50
Dano/ fish - 120
2 cups of rice - 20
1 pc egg - 15
1 pc nestea - 15
2 bottles of 1 litter - 60
1 pc nescafe - 15
labor [in cooking] - 48
1 bottle of Mang tomas - 45

Grand total of 688 pesos divided by 2 - 344 each

AUTHOR'S NOTE: When you're around Hinatuan try to visit this place and order freshly cook seafoods. Enjoy!

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