Balasan, Iloilo: Land of Golden Fields

Finally, I’m home. Right after the 21 hours RoRo experience, I stood in the midst of the golden fields. A sensation of “belongingness “struck my heart, fulfilled promise Lola Mommy. Just in time I’m with my grandma’s younger sister Lola Puka and her brother in law, Lolo Dumeng. Family

I felt the sincerest welcome with my relatives and my goal would be to know and explore my inheritance - Balasan, Iloilo.
Rice field | Balasan, Iloilo
Balasan is one of the three farthest municipality of Iloilo province, found in the northern tip of Panay Island with three other provinces that will complete the western visayas region – Antique in the west,  Capiz and Aklan in the northern most part. Geography

Having said the geographical location of my hometown. It’s time for me to discover myself the wonders of Balasan.

My Aunt Vina’s family owned almost 4 hectares of rice and corn field, their small wooden house situated in the middle of their farm surrounded by coconut tree, mango and vegetables. Sing Bahay Kubo, almost all the veggies are there.

Lucky me, I’ve seen myself a portion how rice is being process. The term they’ve used is “TRACER” separating the stem and leaves of the rice plant to get the grain. Amazing

See Video below:

They’ve collected and counted (per sacks) their harvest for the season. According to Lola Puka, they will dry the grains under the sun for several days before grinding it for finish product – white rice
at the farm 
Busay / Waterfalls 
Living in the farm for several days makes me realize and appreciate of things I’ve neglect the most. Life is simple. Root crops, veggies and fruits are abundant in the backyard. No aircon, sofa and soft bed as well as cold drinks for refreshment. I’ve learned to adopt their everyday living and I’ve told myself “shame you Baron for complaining about life and while other people is contented with what they have” life changing travel

look at my color? drop it | Drought | Batuan, Balasan | Iloilo
Back to basic and it’s best learning to keep in mind.

Apart from my personal reflection, I’ve explored a nearby falls.

Busay in Ilonggo and waterfalls in english translation. Just 15 minutes trek away from our farm a small falls in the baseline of the mountain will be seen.

To get there, we’ve crossed the nearby forest and corn field. Easy as 1 2 3

Unfortunately because of the summer season, the falls is dry but I've still took picture for my travel blog. My second cousin, Lenlen shared to us a different course going back in their house. We've follow the river and the next thing I know, where in the main road overlooking the man made dam.

We headed right away to the dam, to explore the area. Again, it’s not my time. Drought season has just begun.
Busay / Falls  | Batuan, Balasan | Iloilo
I've still enjoyed roaming around the area. Seeing and feeling the ambiance of rural area is a different experience to date. Simple yet captivating views from the vast land, river, farm animals and mountain.
life at the farm
And my next adventure would be at the beach.
Home Town | Iloilo 


  1. Kuya! Taga-balasan ka? Nice to meet a kasimanwa! hayy! Taga-Balasan din ako. hehe

  2. Hi! Yup, hometown ng Mom ko. Nice to meet you too. San ka sa Balasan? Madalas din ako magstay sa Estancia. :)

  3. Baron,i don't know if you can see this,Lm from Ansag,Balasan