Carles, Iloilo : Untouched Haven

A mini get together with the Bensurto clan held in a nearby beach in Carles marks my day 2 in Iloilo.
Carles is one of the 42 municipality of the province of Iloilo. Aside from the plentiful products of their agriculture industry, Carles is bless with beautiful beaches and marine resources.
white powdery sand and crystal clear blue water beyond compare is seen in the coast line of the said place. also, a noticeable hill and cliff added an exotic appeal with the totally of the ambience. Magnificent

hill | Carles, Iloilo
Fish net | Carles, Iloilo
together with my five other second cousin we've explore the nearby hill. Superb view that pleasure my naked eyes to the fullest. My first time to see a hill and cliff together with the pristine blue water surrounding the area. Wow!
The owner shouted to us (in ilonggo) that the place is private. My cousin told the guy that we're just roaming around and won't stay long. Just in time we leave the place.
Lolo Dumeng and Lola Puka | Family
While walking back in the nipa hut we're occupying, i've seen lots of fishing boat in the area and my Aunt Vina told me that one of the livelihood there is capturing little fish to undergo drying processes and the finish procuct would be “daing”, “tuyo” and“danggit”. Namit (translation: delicious)

under the heat of the blazing sun, we've enjoy the beach for free. Yes, you heard it right. No entrance and cottage fee, a family friend owns the place. Most of the best thing in life are free

i waste no time, dress up and the next thing i know, i'm in the deep part of the sea. I am just comfortable knowing and feeling that feet flawlessly moving in unmeasurable depth.
My Lola Puka, called us all for lunch time we've shared the food we had. Pancit, breard, rice cake and buko juice. Bloated.

I took the chance to capture special moments with them. Family

with second cousins
happiest family get together to date, distance and degree of relationship won't matter, i just felt that i belong and i am loved by them. Glad

after some chitchat, my cousins invited me to come over with them, they'll be visiting their board mate residing near the area. Here are some of the taken photographs while we're walking. Raw beauty and i am really amazed!

Upon reaching the house of their board-mate, we've watched a program in the television and its been a while since the last time I've view television shows attentively.
It's time! They've bid farewell and headed back to the nipa hut.  Sunny!
Things are packed up and we're also ready to go home. For one last time i jumped in the water and i call it day.

Lola Puka | Bye Carles
We've ride habal habal (again and again) and the other family members where in the tricycle. Cool
Just before sunset we've reached the farm. Rest mode

at the farm
My next destination would be Estancia, Iloilo.
Bayas, Estancia

From the plaza of balasan, you can ride a bus bound to Carles for 15 pesos. Ceres / Dimple-Star lines have a direct access in the said municipality.
For the beach resort, there lots of place with and without entrance fee. Do the talking
I've really enyoy the beach and the company of my relatives. Undeveloped area that i wish to be preserved for the next generation.
Summer! I can feel you! The heat and the wind turn my cheek red.  

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