Estancia, Iloilo: Center of Commerce

Found in the northern tip of the Panay Island, Estancia Iloilo is the center of trade, religion, education and travel spot.

Having said a gist of the place, I’ll be having my day three and four in Estancia. Excited
Bayas, Estancia Iloilo
We leave the farm (Balasan) around 9 o’clock in morning and it’s about 20 minute ride via tricycle bound to Estancia. Together with Lola Puka, Aunt Vina and Neneng Rose (Rosalie) we visited the Magnifico clan, the family of my Lola Mommy’s late sister. May they rest in peace

My Lola Puka introduces me to my other relatives. I knew some of them because most often they're in Manila to visit their children as well as to see us.

After the small talk and snacks, Neneng Rose assisted me to roam around NIPSC (Northern Iloilo Polytechnic College soon to be University). According to my research the said school is one of the TOP performing State College in Iloilo. Fact

Spacious and law rise classroom with the combination of modern and old architectural design, noticeable feature of the institution. I am really mesmerize because at the back of the Marine department is the vast sea of western Visayas overlooking some known islands. Amazing!
School ground

I waste no time, we immediately headed at the backside to see the ocean. If only I knew, I bring my rash guard and board shorts to swim.

Superb scenery! I just took pictures of the place and we're off for lunch.

While eating, Aunt Vina shared with the family my interest, which is travelling and individual sports. I told them enthusiastically my Cebu trip about Sumilon Island, the friendly butanding, Kawasan Falls, and my training in boxing and running. Happy to see that they’ve listened attentively.

After my story telling, Kuya Biboy and his wife Manay Sweet invited me to visit Pa-on beach resort. It’s a YES!!!

We've paid 20 pesos each for the entrance fee and we roamed around the area.

With Aunt Vina
Opps | Pa-on Beach Resort | Estancia
They’ve told me that there’s a parade of biblical saints right after the mass. I’ve joined my family to hear the words of the Lord. Blessing

Around 5’clock in the afternoon; the procession had started from the Church roving the main streets of Estancia. Reflection and bonding moment
Procession | Estancia

Holy Week | Estancia
While walking, I’ve personally noticed that there’s lot of churches in the area for different religion. Variation  

We woke up early in the morning and we went straight to the port area. We’re off to Bayas (Island) for two reasons. First, to campaign Uncle Rolly and second, to unwind.
Port Area
There’s a near Market place in the port area where fresh and dried fish is being sell in an affordable price.  Just a few meters away you’ll see big and small boats used for transportation and fishing. Cool
Dried Fish

We looked for a boat bound to Bayas Island; we’ve waited for a few minutes and next thing I know. We’re off to the nearby Island (paid 20 pesos each)
Off to Bayas | Island Hopping

-Will not talk about campaigns here. This is a feature travel blog

I’ve been and seen different beaches in the Philippines but I must say Bayas Island is one of the most stunning shoreline why? Because the mere fact that the place is undeveloped the rawness of the place marks its heavenly beauty.
Creepy it may seem but there’s a near “Patio” in Ilonggo and Cemetery in English language. Yes, you heard it right along the coastline of Bayas located the public burial ground of the Island. Just enjoyed the place without anything in mind

My cousin accompanied me to explore the other side of the island. There’s a rocky and powdery sand part that complement each other. Amazing

Rest mode
What I pleasured the most is the overlooking view of the other island near my location. The Higantes and Sicogon Island with towering mountains and leafy atmosphere. I will make sure that the next time I set foot in Iloilo, I’ll conquer both islands. Holy week! Travel banned by my relatives!

I just glare wondrously in my surrounding and thanked the God the Father for allowing me to experience to be with His creation. One last time I jumped in the lukewarm salt water and saw my shadow from the deep part of the ocean. It’s Time.
Thank you Lord
Since we’re in the other part of the island, we walked almost 1 kilometer to get off to the port area. Next destination, Manipulo Island.
@ Manipulo Island
Manipulo Island is a much smaller than Bayas with rocky shoreline and distinct trees surrounds the place. We’ve just rested there for a while and enjoyed the breeze and waves. Summer

Just in time, we’ve decided to go back to our home. LATE LUNCH TIME.

Estancia, Iloilo is an astonishing municipality that caters trade and tourism. Must place to visit.


  1. hello po, may mga regular boat rides naman po from estancia to bayas and manipulo bck and forth? balak ko po kase puntahan yung islands before lunch ty! :)

  2. 20 pesos lng yung entrance sa paon? Pwede dn bng magswimming?

  3. 20 pesos lng yung entrance sa paon? Pwede dn bng magswimming?