Kawit, Cavite : Maytinis 2013

I must say, Kawit Cavite is my second home. I’ve almost spent every summer of my childhood there where my relatives reside near the Saint Mary Magdalene Church. Every December, The church religiously committed to uplift the spirit of Catholicism by showcasing biblical events and characters in the form of parade escorted by harmonious band of every local town that participate the yearly event which is called Maytinis. 

San Juan, La Union: Year-ender Splashin’

To start with, I’m glad to end my year by spending quality time near the sea where challenging big waves are inviting to ride and balance with. And once you set foot in the flat board and the tides starts to carry you while maintaining stability that’s the time the sensation of excitement combined with determination and passion will emerge within to strive all over again. Indeed a must do extreme water sports - Surfing. 

Kawit, Cavite: My Second Home

I’ve been busy for the past few months preparing for the marathons that I’ve registered with as well as I’m engaging myself in different running clinics, endurance trainings and seminars about running that just now I’ve realized that it’s been 3 months since I left Manila for vacation. 

I told myself maybe it’s the perfect time to unwind and to have a rest day from my trainings. I’m missing my second home and my relatives in Kawit, Cavite. So, I informed my cousins that I’ll be visiting them for an overnight stay and they’re delighted to hear our mini reunion. 

Kawit, Cavite is home for famous political clan, historical accounts, events, controversies, century year old ancestral houses and churches and diversified culinary delicacies.

Mt. Pinagbanderahan and Bantakay Falls: Back to Back outdoor activities

To start with, I would like to dedicate this feature blogging to my old friends whom I used to be with every weekend to explore the wonders of nature. Regardless the distance and difficulties to reach the hot spot, the eagerness and desire to conquer and set foot on the destined place will always prevail. The spirit of oneness and brotherhood that I will always treasure being with them.
KASAMA | Credits to Arem Gelogo

Majayjay Falls of Laguna: Freezing in a daylight

Right after our short visit in Kamay ni Hesus we headed directly to Imelda Falls also known to it's famous name, Majayjay Falls. Majayjay is one of the provinces of Laguna near the boundary of Quezon Province.

From Lucban proper we took a jeepney bound to Majayjay. We just reminded the driver we're all bound to Majayjay Falls and for about an hour we've reached the tricycle terminal off to the main entrance and registration area of the said falls.
Majayjay Falls | Credits to Edward Calugtong

Kamay ni Hesus: With Him

Quezon Province is known for its diversified natural wonders, landmarks, famous heroes and politicians but aside from I've mentioned, the said place signifies the great influnce of the spaniard in our country which is religion - Catholisism.

For 300 years of colonialism and up to the present generation, Religion binds our nation with one God and by showing devotion and faith, the Spanish Colony built hundreds of Churches all over the Philippines to spread and preach the word of the Lord.

NOW - Century year old churches are being preserve, restore and protected by the local government and NGO as this structure are vital part of our inheritance, culture, tradition and history.

Talking about religion and churches, there's specific spot in Quezon which is in Lucban, where a huge statue of Jesus Christ stood at the top of the mountain. Which is called Kamay ni Hesus.
Credits to Edward Calugtong

Mt. Gulugod Baboy : The Panoramic Peak

I missed writing as well as mountaineering, it’s been quite some time since my last trekking and about a month now since the last time I've posted an outdoor adventure.

I was browsing my laptop and saw my “Mt. Gulugod Baboy” Album. I’ve scanned and reminisced the photos and I ended up smiling.
First Climb for 2012 | Mt. Gulugod Baboy - Anilao, Batangas

Intramuros: The Walled City

Intramuros was built and finished in 1571 and proclaimed as the new capital of the Spanish Colony in the Philippines during the said year. Opposite the Manila bay and alongside with the Pasig River, the fortress is one of the major strategic military base of the Spaniard.

400 years and counting, Intramuros signifies history, religion, politics, social status, and the center of diversified culture and tradition. The facade of the walled city, the churches and some old structures are the remaining reminders to us that once upon a time Intramuros was the center of influence and power all over our nation.
Intramuros Point of View

Burot Beach with my Travel Buddies

The much awaited sequel of our Calaguas Island Adventure has finally set into reality. We’ve marked our calendar for a day trip in one of the raising tourist spot in Calatagan, Batangas – Burot Beach.

Burot Beach became famous because of a blogger who posted and shared his personal experience regarding the place. Aside from Burot Beach is just 3 hours away from Metro Manila this is also perfect for weekend and Barkada getaway.
Burot Team

Britania Group of Island of Surigao del Sur : Save the best for Last

We're running out of place to be visited - Literally. We've seen and explored Tinuy-an Falls and the international doll house in our day 2 stay in Bislig supposedly it's on our Day 3. Right then and there Arem and I decided and determined to journey with limited information to Surigao's famous beaches and islets, Britania Group of Islands.

Britania Group of Islands is found at Baragay Salvacion San Agustin, Surigao del Sur. it composes of 13 beautiful island, 5 among those has shoreline to be landed plus 1 private owned resort. 
Journey with me | Britania Group of Islands | Surigao del Sur

Sibadan Fish Cage : My Overnight Experience

To end our hectic time table, we stayed in a place near Hinatuan and has a direct access to the enchanted river. We chose Sibadan Fish Cage as our temporary shelter over the night.

Sibadan Fish Cage is strategically located near Port Lamon and offers affordable rooms as well as mouth watering seafood. 

Pangasinan Pacific Shore and Margarett Island Peak Resort: Promising Gems of Hinatuan

Since, Arem and I had a limited knowledge about Surigao del Sur's must see places. We talked to the locals, list down and sort out the possible tourist spot and strategize for a getaway.

Guided by our well planned itinerary plus the collective inputs we gathered. we're on track for the best times journeying in Mindanao.

Tinago River of Hinatuan: Hidden and Exposed

Literally hidden, Tinago River kicks off our day 2 adventure in Surigao del Sur. Hinatuan Island Hopping. 

From Sibadan Fish Cage, Kuya Norberto Viola our bangkero fetched us around 6 o'clock in the morning. I'm cluesless about the River that we're bound to discover.

Sarsoza Ponta Cave of Surigao del Sur: My Unexpected Caving Adventure

While doing the list of the must visit places in Surigao del Sur, I never thought that Sarsoza Ponta Cave is a huge cavern with passageway inside. I was assuming it’s just a Grotto with a statue of the Virgin Mary. When Kuya Norbeto and the caretaker slash tour guide told us that we can explore the cave ourselves, I was speechless, what! This is unexpected!
Inside the Cave

Tinuy-an waterfalls: Philippines’ Finest

I’ve seen and explored numerous waterfalls of Luzon and some in Visayas. Definitely, I will seize the moment to discover one in Mindanao, specifically in Surigao del Sur.

Surigao del Sur is world famous with it treacherous waves and deepest trenches, flipping the coin on the other side. The province offers an imaginable grandness one of those is the Tinuy-an Falls of Mangagoy [Bislig].

Enchanted River of Surigao del Sur : Mystical Place

I was browsing the internet searching for a perfect travel destination somewhere in Visayas or Mindanao. In the middle of my research, an eye catching image struck my attention. I google the place, found out several write ups and I immediately read some blog post. It was then, the "talk of the town" in the bloggers community, the Enchanted River of Surigao del Sur. 

Butuan City : Glimpse of History

Upon our arrival at Bancasi Airport (Butuan City) we immediately headed at the helpdesk slash tourism office for direction and “must see” in the area. The attending officer gave us leaflet where imprinted map and tourist spot was illustrated.
Bansa Church Ruins 

A Traveler’s Story: 100% Pure Adventure

A travel adventure to date in a distance land, kilometers away from Metro Manila separated by massive lands of Visayas and Treacherous seas of the Philippines. I landed in a place where the oldest “balangay” was found and modern historian is claiming that Ferdinand Magellan’s fleet arrived here and made blood compact with Raja Siaiu. Baron was here, at Butuan, Agusan del Norte.

Upon our Arrival at Bancasi Airport (Butuan City), we immediately headed at the information helpdesk slash tourism office to ask for direction, must see in Butuan and the location of the Bus Terminal bound to Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur. The Officer gave us a pamphlet where tourist spots and town’s map is imprinted. We’re on track
Enchanted River | Surigao del Sur | Wonders 

Ocean View Park: Restaurant and International Doll House

"A family owned business with compassion with their customer"

International Doll House:
A fabulous house literally made for expensive dolls marks my day 2 stay at Bislig, Surigao del Sur.

Owned and operated by Mrs. Ruelaine Willimann, her doll collection varies across different nation around the globe. First hand information directs from the collector, she acquired her stunning dolls in all her vacation abroad with her supportive Swiss husband.
Chinese Doll

Mt. Daguldol : Beneath the stunning coast of San Juan, Batangas

A month after our commencement exercises, the KASAMA mountaineering group conquered and explored Mt.Daguldol and the appealing coast of San Juan, Batangas. Exciting!

Mt. Daguldol is categorized as minor climb and measured 672 meters above sea level. According to PinoyMountaineers website, 4 -5 hours long of trekking is needed to reach the peak of the said Mountain during rainy seasons and 2 – 3 hours in summer period of the year.

Since we’ve visited Mt. Daguldol during rainy season, the trail going up to the main campsite was mud-covered. Extra careful

Mt. Samat of Bataan: Shrine of Valor

I've been in Mt. Samat April of 2008 thru an invitation of a college friend, Fatima. Together with my
other classmates we’ve explored Mt. Samat and enjoyed the rich history of the place.

Mt. Samat National Shrine was built to commemorate the valiant struggle, sacrifice and patriotic act of the World War II veteran soldiers who fought and died in the historic site of Bataan. Interesting
Near the Peak |April of 2008

Republic Wake Park in Nuvali, Laguna: Balance and Posture

Ever since wakeboarding became popular water sports with local and foreign artists, I desire and challenge myself to balance with the wakeboard towed by a closed course cable systems.
Baron in Action

Cagbalete Island: Wanderlust

Been intrigue for several months about the wanderlust of Mauban, Quezon no less than Cagbalete Island. Cagbalete is famous with its kilometer long powdery white sands and shorelines during low tides. Aside from the sands and crystal clear water, tourist can also try various activity such kayaking, snorkeling, island hopping and river crossing.
Day 2 | Credits to Arem Gelogo
Having said some must try activities of Cagbalete we’re off for an overnight stay in the Island.

Anawangin Cove of Zambales: Pine Trees by the shore

Way back April of 2010 before Anawangin Cove became a popular tourist spot in Zambales my college friends and I experienced the grand pristine white sands of the said spot.

Anawangin Cove is situated at Pundaquit, San Antonio Zambales. There are two way to get there, the easy and difficult route. No sweat and hassle free, rent a boat back and forth in just 30 minutes you’ll reach the wonderful shoreline of Anawangin. But if you wanted an extreme adventure, trekking the treacherous Mt. Pundaquit is perfect for you and your troop. The rocky slope of the Mountain adds an exotic appeal and difficult path to hikers, 4 to 5 long hours of trekking before reaching the other side of the mountain which is Anawangin Cove, all the sweat is worth it once you’ve set foot in the shoreline of the cove.
Group Picture | Credits to Arem Gelogo

Potipot Island: Little wonder of Sta. Cruz, Zambales

The province of Zambales is famous with its sweetest mangos, grandest coves, towering mountains, heritage sites and delicacies but a little wonder is waiting to be discovered, Potipot Island of Sta. Cruz, Zambales

Potipot island is positioned at the western part of Sta. Cruz, Zambales. An estimated 6 to 7 hours land travel via Bus and a 20 minutes boat ride off to the small Island. Hush
Potipot Island | Credits to Arem Gelogo

Estancia, Iloilo: Center of Commerce

Found in the northern tip of the Panay Island, Estancia Iloilo is the center of trade, religion, education and travel spot.

Having said a gist of the place, I’ll be having my day three and four in Estancia. Excited
Bayas, Estancia Iloilo

Carles, Iloilo : Untouched Haven

A mini get together with the Bensurto clan held in a nearby beach in Carles marks my day 2 in Iloilo.
Carles is one of the 42 municipality of the province of Iloilo. Aside from the plentiful products of their agriculture industry, Carles is bless with beautiful beaches and marine resources.
white powdery sand and crystal clear blue water beyond compare is seen in the coast line of the said place. also, a noticeable hill and cliff added an exotic appeal with the totally of the ambience. Magnificent

hill | Carles, Iloilo

Balasan, Iloilo: Land of Golden Fields

Finally, I’m home. Right after the 21 hours RoRo experience, I stood in the midst of the golden fields. A sensation of “belongingness “struck my heart, fulfilled promise Lola Mommy. Just in time I’m with my grandma’s younger sister Lola Puka and her brother in law, Lolo Dumeng. Family

I felt the sincerest welcome with my relatives and my goal would be to know and explore my inheritance - Balasan, Iloilo.
Rice field | Balasan, Iloilo

RoRo : The ultimate land – water travel adventure

It was a long due plan to be reunited with my relatives in Iloilo. So, together with my Aunt Vina, cousin of my Mom, we will both conquer the land and the sea by means of RoRo. An alternative mode of transportation.

Roll on, Roll off or commonly known as RoRo is an interconnected island system of transportation that involves road trip travel and sea voyage. Having said the course of our journey, Let the ultimate story telling begins.
View from RoRo

Mt. Batulao : Kissing the clouds for the first time

Securing its perfect spot, Mt. Batulao is located at the heart of Nasugbu, Batangas. Towering at 811 measured above sea level (MASL) and categorize as minor climb. Our next weekend getaway would be this mountain.

According to the locals, the name of Mt. Batulao is literal derive with its natural characteristics, when sun rays touches the mountain’s peak in the afternoon, as if the mountain is glowing in the day light. “Bato sa Ilaw” as they say. A little bit of trivia
Read the whole blog and you'll know the reason why we captioned it " We survived Mt. Batulao" 

Baler, Aurora: Surfin’ and Chillin’

When you say Baler, these things comes out to my mind “surfing and big waves”.

My friends had asked me if I wanted to experience the big waves of Baler, Aurora for an unforgettable weekend getaway to date, right there and then, I said YES! Definitely

No itineraries, no researches, no do it your own travel adventure we all leave our leisure slash escapade to BAREFOOT TRAVELS.

Barefoot Travels, is a group of friends who share a common passion for adventure, the outdoors and the love for nature. Our philosophy is simple: “Travelling need not be expensive. Nature will speak for itself" – stated from their facebook account.

Adding up it is because of our passion and philosophy that we’ve decided to create an organization committed to developing and arranging affordable unique trips and one-of-a-kind experiences for yuppies, students and urbanites.
Surfing | Baler, Aurora | Credits to Rons Nebre

Cebu Trip: Historical City Tour

Cebu City is known for its rich culture and history as well as old structures that signify authority and power, up to these days’ relics of the past reminds us Filipino the foundation of Christianity and pre Spanish civilization. Our day 1 adventure in Cebu will be exploring the City’s famous heritage.
Group Picture | Taoist Temple | More fun in the Philippines | Cebu

Cebu Trip: Sumilon Island, Shades of Color

Right after our close encounter with the friendly Butanding of Oslob, we’ve rented a boat for 2300 pesos and we’re off to Sumilon Island.

Sumilon island is found at the southeastern part of Oslob, Cebu. Known with its coral reef, sandbars, white powdery sands and world class five star hotels (blue water hotel). To prove all those praises, our group is excited to experience the grandness of the said island.
More Fun in the Philippines | Cebu | Sumilon Island

Cebu Trip: Kawasan falls, Incomparable Beauty

If you wanted to explore Cebu at its finest, the southern part of the province caters magnificence natural wonders either by land or water element. Enable to discover its hidden treasure, long distance travel is needed.

Kawasan Falls is positioned at the south western part of the municipality of Badian, Cebu. From South Bus Terminal going down to Badian will take you 3 – 4 hours of land travel. 15 – 30 minutes of trekking and you shall witness the majestic natural beauty of the popular falls.
More Fun in Cebu | Kawasan Falls  | Credits to Arem Gelogo 

Cebu Trip: Skywalk Extreme

On the 37th floor of Crown Regency Cebu located the Philippines’ first and only skywalk adventure at the present time and if you wanted to conquer your fear of heights or also known as acrophobia. This extreme outdoor activity is right for you.
We've conquered Skywalk extreme | Crown Regency Hotel Cebu

Cebu Trip: Oslob’s Butanding Watching (up close and personal)

One of the biggest and friendliest species of whale shark will be seen in Oslob, Cebu. Its geographical position is at the south eastern part of the island and 3 hours land travel from Cebu City. Having said the location of my next destination adventure trip with my friends, we’re ready for an up close and personal experience with the famous Butanding of Oslob.

I've read and seen blogs, articles, print ads and features news about the whale shark of Oslob. Since we’ll visit Cebu for 4 days and 3 nights, we've included it in our Itinerary.

Day 2 of our Cebu trip, we left our hotel at 3am in the morning, most of the blogs I've read they've recommended to travel in mid morning to skip the heavy traffic of metro Cebu as well as the Butanding usually fed early in the morning.
Up close and personal | Butanding | Oslob, Cebu

Daranak and Batlag Falls: the renowned waterfalls of Tanay, Rizal

Shampoo commercial, top grossing movies, top rated fantaseryes and teleseryes and famous ads are some significant events and/or campaigns shoot in the twin falls of Tanay, Rizal. Now you’re thinking. Daranak and Batlag Falls caters the venue of all I’ve mentioned. Just 3 hours away from the metropolis and you can witness yourself the grandness of the two waterfalls.
at Daranak Falls | Credits to Arem Gelogo

Mt. Manalmon : The Ultimate Outdoor Experience

Mt. Manalmon is situated at Barangay Kamias, San Miguel Bulacan. It stood at 196 MASL and categorize as class 2 in trail and best for beginners who would love to experience camping in the Mountain.

The said Mountain is famous for Madlum Cave, during the 18th century a relic was found at a certain spot inside the cave and in the present time a replica was place there signifying the rich history of Madlum.Parallel to Mt. Manalmon is Mt. Gola, almost the same height and features, beneath the mountain there flows the refreshing clean water of Madlum River with distinct rock formation along side. Fantastic
Fantastic Five | Credits to Arem Gelogo

Mt. Romelo : Hidden Paradise

Right after our successful Mt. Maculot climb, here we go again eager to explore the hidden treasure of nature. All are set for a weekend exploration at Famy, Quezon. Our next destination would be Mt. Romelo and Buruwisan Falls.

From 13 young enthusiastic hikers down to 7 determined adventurers plus two recruit equals 9 wonderers to discover Mt. Romelo.
Panoramic view | Credits to Arem Gelogo

Mt. Maculot and Rockies: A Beginner’s Mountain

My Mountaineering adventure starts at Mt. Maculot, Cuenca Batangas with other 12 young enthusiastic climbers; exposing in this kind of outdoor activity opened my heart to care about the Mountain and our environment.

When you’re at the top of the Mountain, you will feel a sudden sensation of excitement as if you are one with nature. 

Going back, Mt. Maculot and Rockies are measured 930 and 706 above sea level respectively and beneath the towering Mountain is the famous Taal Lake. Having said some distinct information regarding our destination, we’re set for a two days and one night hiking adventure.

at the Rockies |  2010

Mt Marami : The Labyrinth Trail

Mt. Marami is situated at the heart of Maragondon Cavite sharing the same location and characteristics with Pico de Loro. The said Mountain stands at 405 MASL and categorize as class 1- 3. The name Mt. Marami is of local origin to its “many rocks” formation.

I must say, Mt. Marami is one of my most memorable climb to date, to start the storytelling, the KASAMA (Kabataang Sabik Mamundok) Group scheduled a minor climb last March 26 and 27 2011, composed of the old members plus numerous recruit equals 19 energetic mountain climbers.
Group Picture at Mt. Marami | Credits to Arem Gelogo

Hundred islands of Pangasinan

There are hundred ways to describe the famous islands of Pangasinan but there’s one word that fits for the grandest of the place – “stunning”

We first visited Pangasinan way back summer of 2009. We went to Anda, Mother Island of the hundred islands to have a summer vacation, away from home works and stressful examinations. We’ve also explored Tondol Beach and a nearby place where salt is produced. But since we’re just a student during that time we never got the chance to see the renowned group of islands. From them on, we’ve promised to ourselves that when the day comes that we earned enough money, we will explore the Hundred Islands of Pangasinan.
Tondol beach | Year 2009

Benguet’s Highest Peak : Mt. Timbak and Mt. Tabayoc

Back to back major climb to start the year right. We’ve conquered Luzon’s Top 2 and 3 mountains - Mt. Tabayoc and Mt.Timbak. Both treacherous peak but posses’ magnificence panoramic scenery.
Mt. Timbak‘s MASL* is 2,717+ and Philippines’ top 9. The said mountain is situated at Atok, Benguet while Philippines’s top 6, Mt. Tabayoc is 2,842+ sited at the heart of Kabayan, Benguet.
Stopover | Burham Park, Baguio

Having said the height of the two towering mountains of Luzon, I am expecting a fun filled hike together with the new group that I am invited with, the Baroc Mountaineering Group.

The said group is consisting of professional people from different field across all ages and walks of life. They are seasoned mountaineer to look up too.

January 18, 2013 – Friday we left Buendia at exactly 11:30pm we're now headed North with our big comfortable coaster. Our coordinator hired Bus and truck for speedy and comfortable travel.
Around 7 o’clock in the morning we were welcome by the cold breeze of Baguio City. We have an hour break to buy things that we needed as well as to filled our empty stomach. Oops! We roamed around Burnham Park before we proceeded in the Bus going to Benguet.
Spectacular View

Calaguas: Island Adventure

To start with, this adventure was long due plan with my office mates. We've decided to travel all together to ease the stress of our shifting schedule and our workload. I've suggested to them, "Let’s visit the famous white sands of Calaguas, in Camarines Norte". They've all agreed to me once I've shown some evidence of the prominent beauty of the majestic Island. Right there and then, we’ve set a two day breakaway.