Republic Wake Park in Nuvali, Laguna: Balance and Posture

Ever since wakeboarding became popular water sports with local and foreign artists, I desire and challenge myself to balance with the wakeboard towed by a closed course cable systems.
Baron in Action
Coincidently a college friend and an officemate of mine both opened the topic about wakeboarding in different occasion. I listened enthusiastically about the said water sports located in Laguna near Nuvali. I do my research and found out that Republic Water Park caters basic and advance wakeboarding. Exciting

Spacious facilities with open park area, restaurant, souvenir and clothing shops. All in

The Facility
We’ve list down all the pointers we needed and must know in our planned activity. Lucky me, we’ve used the car of Arem in visiting the site. From SM Southmall [our meeting place] we’ve headed in South Luzon Express Way (SLEX) and take the Sta. Rosa Exit and paid for the toll fee [57 pesos]. We’ve turned right and followed the main road till we’ve seen Paseo de Sta Rosa [from the left side of the road]. When the time you’ll see the intersection road of Nuvali, turn left. Just drive straight till you reach a guardhouse. An accommodating security personnel will assist you guys how to locate Republic Water Park, last 7 kilometers to reach the said place.

REMINDER: Be attentive, might missed their sign board ending along the road.

Upon reaching the vicinity, we've headed right away at the service desk to get forms to be filled out while glaring with the pros balancing in their fancy wake boards and dangerous acts. Cool

We've paid 250 pesos* for cable usage (1 hour pass) and 800 pesos* for deposit fee for a total of 1050 each inclusive of the equipments*. The deposit fee is refundable; upon returning the helmet, vest and wristband you’ll get your money back.

See Rates below for further understandings and information.

*Cable Rates:
1 hour pass – P250
2 hour pass – P475
4 hour pass – P595
8 hour pass – P995
Day & Night pass – P1,500
Night riding pass – P595
Private cable rent – P800/hour
VIP pass – FREE!

Unlimited riding package1 week unlimited – P5,000
1 month unlimited – P15,000
3 months unlimited – P24,000
6 months unlimited – P35, 000
1 year unlimited (cash) – P55,000
1 year unlimited (monthly) – P60,000

*Deposit Fee [for Equipement]:
Wristband – P200
Life vest and helmet – P600

waiting area
GOING BACK: We've changed proper clothes and gear up; the service desk instructed us to present the receipt at the Beginner’s Area. FYI guys, Republic Water Park are divided into two areas, Pros and beginner’s spot. The noticeable loops and ramps are for the Pros while a plain rectangular surface are for the beginners. Separation

Since it’s our first time to do wakeboarding, automatically we’re categorize as beginners. Just a few yards from the reception area located the spot for the newbies. 
We've handed over the receipt to the cable operator, fall in line and waited for our turns to be called. Nervous
I’ve observe attentively while the others were riding the wakeboard towed by the cable, having in mind the principle of surfing. In surfing, proper timing to stand up and balancing your body in the surf board while maneuvering the big waves. The difference I've noticed, no big waves just calm water surface and the important mechanism, the cable system that will tow the rider.
Proper posture and focus must be bear in mind as the cable speed up along the course. Must maintain your arms straight with bended knees along the way, the wakeboard will change position due to speed of towing and dashing of the board. Just follow the direction of the wakeboard and maintain your balance. Balancing is the most important element to last long over the board as well as to be victorious with the cheering crowd. Mindful

Our turn: Arem tried first, his plan was to stand right away without listening to the instruction unfortunately he failed to stand up [peace men] followed by Aizel, she managed to maintain her proper posture in a few yards but when the cable speed up she lost control of her wakeboard and the cable. She panics but after a few seconds she tried to swim near the ground.
Arem in Action

My turn: I’ve asked tips from the instructor besides me. He just said “Focus and straight arms”. Determine to stand and last long in the board I’ve listened to the instructor’s advice and give my 100 % effort. Slowly I felt the gradual change of speed and hold still the cable towing me on the other end of the course. I’ve passed almost three – fourths of the straight route before I lost my balance. Happy me
My Turn
Arem and I, tried again for the last time. It’s almost 5:30 in the afternoon and the vicinity will be closed for cleaning and maintenance. We both maintain our balance and body posture almost to the end but failed to land in the platform. Better luck next time
Waiting  | Last Ride
We've talked to the operator and asked permission if we can took pictures with the wakeboards overlooking the water course. He agreed graciously.
After the Photo Op, we change clothes at their luxurious bath rooms afterwards we returned the equipment and get our refund. Farewell

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I enjoyed this water sports so much that I wanted to return the following week. Just be mindful with the correct body posture and handling of cable while riding the wakeboard, focus and take pleasure the momentum of adrenaline rush.

Just Enjoy | Wakeboarding 

First class facilities, clean and green surrounding plus smiling attendants. Two thumbs with their bath rooms, cozy waiting area, spacious two level cottages and rural atmosphere.

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