Mt. Samat of Bataan: Shrine of Valor

I've been in Mt. Samat April of 2008 thru an invitation of a college friend, Fatima. Together with my
other classmates we’ve explored Mt. Samat and enjoyed the rich history of the place.

Mt. Samat National Shrine was built to commemorate the valiant struggle, sacrifice and patriotic act of the World War II veteran soldiers who fought and died in the historic site of Bataan. Interesting
Near the Peak |April of 2008
Right after our final examination we’ve set a three days two nights getaway in Bataan. Our meeting place was outside Masagana, Ermita Manila (now, SM supermarket). We headed at Genesis Bus Terminal in Avenida [Manila] bound to Balanga, Bataan. As per checking the fare in the internet it cost around 200 pesos (one way). Just in time, we’ve arrived at our friend’s house and the food was already waiting. Seafood
Genesis Bus Terminal  | Avenida Manila | 2008
Balanga, Bataan | April 2008
Since our hiking activity will be early in the morning and we still have time we’ve decided to roam around in the Plaza, lucky us there’s a town program during that time. When I say BALA you say NGA… BALA … NGA
Balanga Church

Way back then
Start of hike
We’ve all decided to call it a day. We went back to our friend’s house, prepared our things for tomorrow’s activity and had some sleep. though we just talked all night. Crazy stories

We all woke up early in the morning; Fatima’s Mom prepared spaghetti for our brunch in the mountain.

Let's do it
Ahead of time, we hired a jeepney off to Pilar, Bataan where Mt. Samat is located. Around 5 in morning we’ve reached the starting point of our trek, we just followed the cemented road up to the peak.

If my memory serves me right, that was our first hiking activity way back 2008.

Trivia: According to my friend, every Palm Sunday, devotees goes to Mt. Samat all together as form of their sacrifice and offers prayer in the summit of Mt. Samat. Faith

It was an easy trek following the main road up to the mountain, green leaf surrounds us. Fantastic View

Around 8 o’clock in the morning we've experienced the cold breeze in the summit of Samat. We’ve also explored the Museum and the Shrine of Valor (Big Cross). We’ve learned glimpse of World War II history by roaming around the shrine. Amazing
Going Up | Almost there guys!

Rest Mode @ Mt. Samat
After an hour of rest, we’ve all decided to descend down the mountain. Our Jeepney’s waiting in the main road.
younger days

From Pilar to Bagac, 2 hours land travel. Around 3 o’clock in the afternoon we’ve arrived in the grey – white coastline of Bagac where our friend, Badong awaits us.

The scorching heat from the sun hinders us to jump into the water. We just waited the sunset before pleasuring ourselves into the crystal clear saltwater of Bataan.

Badong prepared the dinner for us while enjoying the beach and the company of each other.

Wonderful sunset by the bay and stunning star up in the skies in the evening having some drink and manly talk with my friends. College days
Girls | Shadows
Morning hangover | drunk
We’ve drink till dawn I've personally what happened or what i did crazy during those times and leave the place early in the morning. Bound to Manila

AUTHOR’S NOTE: lots of memories flashes back while writing this entry. I just smiled remembering my younger days with friends. I must say, it all started here - Friendship

“Reminiscing my college days with my classmates when things are simple and not so complicated, we had the best time of our lives.”

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