Alona Beach of Bohol: Young and Hip

“ALONA BEACH, 250 meters ahead" stated in the signboard and I whispered to Ate Tracy “let’s sprint to the beach”. She agreed happily and we excitedly followed the rocky road off to our first destination.

One of the famous beach front of Bohol offers dynamic key attraction to all the tourist in all walks of life, nationality and age generation from high end hotel accommodation to budget friendly inns and transient houses, fancy restaurant, grilling stations and affordable budget meals as well as the rental of top of the line boat to shared packages of Island Hopping. All for the comfort and luxury is beyond reach, just interact with the locals to get the best deals of what you wanted to avail, just be courteous by showing respect and always show that smile.

Virgin Island of Bohol: “Save the best for last”

Right after my first encounter with the sea turtle of Balicasag Island, our tour guide maneuvered the vessel bound to our final destination – The Virgin Island.

The said Island is also known as Isola di Francesco. It’s a private owned isle with religious statues installed in the north-east portion. One noticeable feature of the Virgin Island is the long powdery shoreline with shades of blue and green crystal clear salt water plus different sizes and colors of starfish scattered in the sands.