Virgin Island of Bohol: “Save the best for last”

Right after my first encounter with the sea turtle of Balicasag Island, our tour guide maneuvered the vessel bound to our final destination – The Virgin Island.

The said Island is also known as Isola di Francesco. It’s a private owned isle with religious statues installed in the north-east portion. One noticeable feature of the Virgin Island is the long powdery shoreline with shades of blue and green crystal clear salt water plus different sizes and colors of starfish scattered in the sands.

From the distance my eyes blinks for fascination with the inviting vibe of the island. To be honest I wanted to jump in the boat and swim directly in the coastline. I just waited patiently and talked to my Ate Tracy, she too is so excited to roam around in the place and told her my plan to photo-shoot her in the stunning white sands.

Without further delay, I politely asked Ate to pose in front of the camera. She abide diligently and gave her best to show her best smile and asset. I mean plus size woman has also the “IT” to flaunt their sexy curves, just with the right attitude plus good angle the result would be stunning photographs. It all manifest with the mini shoot we had in the beach front, I processed a photo and posted it in my social networking site. The outcome, numerous feedback and LIKES.

Majority of my Ate’s friend were shocked with her transformation. I took it positively and shared my insight to her that not every day you can wear two piece or swimsuit as long as your confident with your body, show that sexiness.

I also grabbed the chance to do some selfie and jump shot before heading in the religious section of the island. See my photo/s below.

There a gigantic figure of Saint and other biblical scene in the area. In the reception nook foods, drinks and other religious item were being sold. We took our mini tour in the farthest point of the island seeing the vast sea before heading back in the beach front.

We stayed a little bit longer to feel the blazing heat of the sun before going back to our boat. According to the security guard in the island, overnight stay is not allowed as well as liquors.
Virgin Island
Going back to Panglao
Here I am again wishing I have the luxury of time to enjoy the stunning beach but our tour ends here. I must confess with a smile, I find the place relaxing for soul searching, I offered my personal prayers and intentions solemnly as well as thanking the Father for this once in a lifetime opportunity to visit Bohol.
Bye for now :)
Kindly see below mini clip that I've captured somewhere within the island. Just touring around with Ate Tracy.

***** OTHER PHOTO/S *****
Ate in flesh
Chillin' around

My lovely Ate and I

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