Hinagdanan Cave: Journey in the Middle Earth

My lust for adventure level up the day I arrived in Bohol. The longing feeling of executing the itinerary that I’ve researched and finalized will finally be in reality, it’s been a while “YES” but the long wait is worthy as I explored one of the Philippines’ finest Island.

As I’ve mentioned in my first blog entry Road to Ecstasy: The Amazing Bohol Adventure. Luzon was experiencing storm surge the day after we left Manila. Bearing our pursuit to discover and to feel happiness, Ate and I travelled bound to Bohol with optimism and prayers.

“Hello Sunshine” I whispered quietly the moment my skin was touched by the inviting heat from the sun. God answered our plea, fair weather in Tagbilaran perfect for indoor activities and tours.
Hinagdanan Cave is included in Panglao Tour and unfortunately there were few write ups about the said place but I was intrigued with the photos I’ve seen in some blogs that I’ve visited. Inside the cavern there’s a body of water. I know it’s possible but how?

We paid 25 pesos entrance fee each and we were welcomed by a young energetic teenager. Our assigned tour guide assisted and directed us in small dark underground passageway. I was puzzled yet amazed that moment I felt that I will be journeying in Middle Earth.

Body of water inside the Cave
From a distance I heard giggles and splashing of the water. Intrigued in all means, I've asked and confirmed immediately to our tour guide if there’s a body of water nearby, if I can swim and jump. He laughed with my questions and murmured in his Visayan twang “we will go there, let me finish my short tour here“.

To be honest, I can’t contain my excitement to explore right away what’s beyond the rocks and there’s so much joy in the voices I overheard in the distance. So, now I only remember few trivia’s about the said tourist spot and I admit, it’s my bad.

Somewhere near the opening of the cavern, a snake like drawing painted in the cave’s wall as described by the young boy. I've seen nothing due to darkness but as he borrowed and clicked my camera to capture the said painting. He added up that during the 80's foreigners visited the said cave and drawn the so called art piece. As a concern citizen, to whom tainted the walls of Hinagdanan Cave they've just vandalized our precious natural wonders that will last for centuries and so. We must be responsible with every actions that we will do as it will take effect to us sooner or later. I’m disappointed though.

I let the young guy used and configured my dlsr as I’m hooked to what I saw next. My jaw dropped that very instant my eyes shifted to the center of the grotto. There’s a body of water inside the cave and it’s confirmed. He shared to me that the crystal clear water is coming from the sea, 200 meters from our location with 15 and 12 feet depth in High and Low tides respectively.

One Brave Soul 
One thing is in my mind during that moment. I will jump and feel the coldness of the water. Without further delay, I removed my white sando and secured my belongings nearby. At the top of my lungs I jumped and shouted. I missed doing this crazy stuff that adrenaline rush makes me feel alive. I did it thrice with smiles in my face.

The boy continued his lecture. During those times that the said spot was not yet develop. Stairs and ropes were the tools they've used to access the cave and there you go, the name of the cave derives from the stairs “Hinagdanan Cave”

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Caving is one of the unique activity I've done in Bohol, I must confess. Most especially the water system inside the said cavern, it fascinated me the most when I myself tested the depth of the water and I enjoyed every moment. Guys, visit this awesome place and you’ll definitely have a good vibes.

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Ate :)


  1. great shots!!! kakainggit naman, when we went here, we only have cp cameras with us so our pictures are dark, di kinaya ng flash.... so you swam here? sabe nila polluted daw ung water? hmmmmmmmmmmm.... though and ganda talaga ng Hinagdanan Cave, feeling ko para akong nasa isang adventure movie.... hehehehe... =p

  2. oh yeah! para nga akong nasa Lord of the Rings,,, un ang feeling ko nung naexperience ko ang Hinagdanan.... =)