Flip Higher: Dolphin Watching in Bohol

There’s an overjoy sensation whenever I’ll do Island hopping, the morning breeze from the sea and tickling brace of the mighty sun plus the sight of the inviting bluish salt water are the package of having an awesome adventure.

I’ve started my day two in Bohol with my Ate Tracy having an optimistic vibes. According to our tour guide there’s no guarantee if the Dolphins of Bohol will show to us. Praying and hoping, we began our journey in the middle of Bohol Sea for the greatest search of our lives, to wait the dolphin appears and spin in the air.
The night before the said activity, the canvasser that we’ve transacted asked for the initial down payment but we’ve decided to give the full amount. 500 pesos each for the Island Hopping in Balicasag and Virgin Island plus the Dolphin Watching. He reminded us that we should be in the shoreline before 6 in morning as the said mammal sighting is seen early in the morning.
Here we go! 
“Early bird catches the worm” I wore my rash guard and favorite board shorts for this event while Ate is so hot with her two piece bikini covered by see-through black dress. I smiled at her stating she’s so stunning and she murmured to me “I’m shy, thanks!”

As we’re boarded in the boat, I counted the participant for this event. We’re 8 in the group plus 2 boat crew headed in the vast ocean. Around 30 -45 minutes passed when our tour guide shouted excitedly “Over there, on your left”. For the very first time in my life, I saw groups of Dolphin flipping in the air. My childhood memories watching the live dolphin act in Subic flashes back as the excitement heighten up and asked myself “is this real” seeing them in their habitat wild and free.
Amaze me more, please
Again and again in different direction they’ve shown their fins and as I’m wandering they playing hide and seek to us. One moment they’re in our left the second instance they’re at our tail. Pure happiness as we follow their lead and I observed the other tourist, they’re enjoying every second just to witness the Dolphin to grace their lenses as they wanted to capture this priceless event in their digital camera.
The sight

Click, click and continuously click. As I’m reviewing my captured photos I just smiled for happiness at least I have framed some gracious moment with them.

Our boatman told us that we’re now headed to Balicasag Island for our next activity suddenly groups of Dolphins followed our boat. Shared pleasure as all the passengers yelled when they flipped in the air as if thanking us that we’ve visited them. We’re more than grateful for this once in a lifetime event, thank you Lord.
Roaming around

AUTHOR’S NOTE: There’s always a story to tell and I just wanna say that I truly enjoyed the Dolphin sighting in Bohol. The mere fact that I'm just few meters away from them makes me wanna jump in the salt water to swim side by side, if only I can be faster to cope up with their speed. Going back, you guys should include this activity when visiting the said province and experience yourself the excitement whenever they spin and flip in the middle air. Thanks for visiting and reading my entry till our next adventure


  1. Awww... seeing your photos triggered flashes of memories when I visited Bohol before. Gosh, watching those dolphins made me want to jump in the water and swim with them! :)

    1. Me too! if only tourist were allowed to swim with the dolphins I might have a pictures with them. Thanks for your comment :D

  2. This is nice! I went to Bohol too last August 9-12 but sadly was not able to see much of the dolphins since we woke up late and it was already mid morning when we did the Sea Tour. You have a very nice travel blog Baron.... hope to meet you and travel with you some day... I saw your post in Enchanted River... very useful information since I will go there in June 2015... =)

    1. Thanks VIn VIn for your generous comment and appreciating my blog site. Bohol indeed is a beautiful paradise, will upload soon my other adventure in the said province. Hope to see you soon in the road. About Surigao, visit Tinuy-an Falls and Britania Group of Island, worth the travel if you go there. :) Thanks again!

  3. Thanks Baron! The truth is, I was actually searching the net for travel blogs going to Hinatuan and I saw your post. What I liked most is that the information that you have is so useful and straight forward and that is very nice. Yes, i will definitely make sure to include Tinuyan on my itin and will use your post about Surigao as my guide. Hope to get ur contact number and maybe we can meet and talk about travel which is ur passion. Hope to travel with u too someday since I also consider myself as a budget traveler.. Lolz! Once again, thanks Baron for ur blog. Keep up the awesome work! :-)