Finding Nemo and Friends: Fish Feeding and Snorkeling in Balicasag Island, Bohol

I bet you’ve already seen the animated film Finding Nemo, in connection with my blog entry let’s just say I had a close encounter with Nemo and Friends underwater.

Right after our successful and joyful dolphin sighting somewhere in the vast Bohol Sea, our boatman informed us that we’re heading to Balicasag Island to do snorkeling, fish feeding and turtle watching.

The first two activities that I've mentioned will be seen in the rightmost part of the said island. From the port area we transferred to a smaller boat and paddle forward, on the queue of our tour guide slash boatman we all jumped into the open water. We’re 6 in the group consist of a Chinese couple, Melai and Iya peeps from BPI, Ate Tracy and me.

Going back, as we’re floating in the salt water I immediately noticed fish in different color and size. Without second thought I wore my goggles and dived. What I saw underwater is beyond words to express, an inviting world of marine life and I was speechless and motionless.
Robotic Pose underwater 
School of Fish! Awesome!
I excitedly shared to Ate Tracy and to the other tourist what I witnessed underneath our feet. They've tried to swim and hold their breath to experience themselves the photographic grandness of the sea.
Assisting Ate  

Shared reaction and feelings as we’re all smiling to continuously dive and by turns took photos. Thanks to Iya for allowing me and Ate Tracy to have our wacky and solo pictures with the marine environment. Credits to her and to our boatman for these awesome framed moments. 

We stayed a little bit longer, our boatman hand us over the crackers and we started to feed the fish. As we spread the smashed crackers in the water, that tickling sensation made us giggle as if we’re being gently pinched by small creature. It’s priceless.
Fish Invasion

I swam a little bit farther as I enjoyed the fish following me as well as the scenic view later did I know I’m almost in the cliff going deep, very deep part of the sea. Unseen bottom just the darkest shades of blue. What I delighted the most, the scuba divers exploring the area with their GoPro. That very moment my desire to learn technical diving relieves if only I have the luxury of time and money I’ll do my best to learn and discover the beautiful world of the sea.
Super cool
Some 15 feet and below
Our boatman shouted from a far that we’re now headed in the western part of the island for turtle watching. For one last time, I hold my breath and deep dive. I opened my eyes so wide to see clearly the living creatures freely living in the gifted marine environment of Balicasag Island
Finding Nemo and Friends
Fish Feeding
AUTHOR’S NOTE: Doing the Snorkeling and Fish feeding has a 200 pesos fee inclusive of the usage of the boat and goggles. Plastic sandals for feet covering is worth 100 pesos and please be reminded that price range of the food and drinks in the said Island is quite pricey better bring your own bottled water and snacks. On my personal note I’ve done a similar activity in the past but doing the snorkeling in Balicasag is a different story to tell as the marine ecosystem here is really alive and colorful, I’m 100% sure you guys will have fun here.


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