Turtle Sighting in Balicasag Island: Overjoy Experience

As we’re heading in the western portion of Balicasag Island I am wondering why our boatman is slowing down the speed of the vessel. Suddenly he deep dive and disappeared underwater. Without second thought I followed him in the water. What I saw next relieves all my life stresses and gave me the sweetest smile to date.
An estimated 20 feet and below, I saw our boatman pointing his fingertip in the north-west direction parallel to the shore. I gradually shifted my sight to the moving object his referring. At first I’m having difficulties seeing and distinguishing the thing that he’s denoting with but as I get near and swim rapidly to the said target. My eyes widen as the turtle freely swimming in-front of me. That’s the first time encounter I ever had with the said animal in the wild usually their kind is in the zoo with an artificial environment.

My heart beats so fast due to my excitement I breathe out and immediately submerged. I shared animatedly to Ate Tracy what I saw underneath. I invited her to join me but she refuses to my request. Iya and Melai jumped in the water to witness the once in a lifetime opportunity to watch the turtle wander in the sea. They've smiled at me and happily whispered “Turtle, in that direction!”. We've tried to follow the turtle but they gone in the deepest part of the sea, though it's already an experience for us just seeing them.

For the nth time I patiently waited for the next turtle to show up and the feeling is really consistent. I’ve seen 4 more passed by my location in different sizes. My heart wants to shout for joy, it’s worth the time and effort just by seeing the said sea creature doing nothing. They’re adorable.
I will follow you
It’s beyond my expectation and this adventure alone redefines the meaning of travelling to me. I should always include this kind of activity in all my future journey and top on my list is to buy underwater camera to record the sightings that I’ll do.

Waiting for the turtle to show
Seeing the turtle near to me is the sweetest experience I can share to my family and friends when I get back in Manila as well as to my readers. If only time will stop and permits me to stay, I’ll stay but we’re following a strict schedule and our troop is now headed at the Virgin Island.  

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Saving all the memories that I've gathered from this trip triggers me to explore more stunning beaches in the Philippines and discover the treasure underwater. That is my pledge and I’ll promise to post it here. Turtle watching alone is one of the activity I’ve done in Bohol. Thank for reading and swimming with me.
***** OTHER PHOTO *****
Deepest part of the Ocean

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  1. This is so cool! kakainggit naman marunong ka magdive... Ako hanggang snorkeling lang... Hahahaha... But indeed Balicasag Marine Sanctuary is really beautiful. Sobrang daming variety of fish, the best spot talaga for snorkeling, etc. :-)