Alona Beach of Bohol: Young and Hip

“ALONA BEACH, 250 meters ahead" stated in the signboard and I whispered to Ate Tracy “let’s sprint to the beach”. She agreed happily and we excitedly followed the rocky road off to our first destination.

One of the famous beach front of Bohol offers dynamic key attraction to all the tourist in all walks of life, nationality and age generation from high end hotel accommodation to budget friendly inns and transient houses, fancy restaurant, grilling stations and affordable budget meals as well as the rental of top of the line boat to shared packages of Island Hopping. All for the comfort and luxury is beyond reach, just interact with the locals to get the best deals of what you wanted to avail, just be courteous by showing respect and always show that smile.
First Meal
After we took a quick bath and unloaded our things in our hotel, we immediately headed in the seaside to grab our late lunch by the bay courtesy of Trudis Restaurant. While waiting for the food to serve, Ate and I talked about the paradise in front of us. The sweet melody of the splashing waves and the warm breeze of the wind from the ocean makes us feel relax and free from our work and life stresses, it’s a grand vacation after all. Okay, let me introduce my Ate Tracy.

appetizer | lettuce Salad
dessert | Mango Ice cream crepe
Ate Tracy is my first cousin from my mother side. We used to live in the same big house when we’re both toddlers before they moved in Kawit, Cavite. To share with, I never had the chance to have a biological sister and didn’t asked one because I felt since way back then her role to my life as my real sibling.

Our Beds
A touching introduction though, going back to the topic about Alona Beach. Think of Boracay if you've been in the said haven, it’s a smaller version with big packages as I've mentioned in my second paragraph. Let’s digest thoroughly the offering of this amazing tourist spot. Let’s start with accommodation.

Since June to November is the low season of Bohol expect cheaper and discounted rates of all kinds of lodging in the area both in beach front and near the highway. As much as 50% off to the regular price, sounds reasonable though. My bad, I forgot the name of our hotel just downstairs of the convenient store near the coastline, we availed the air-conditioned room for 770 pesos per night with two single bed, free Wi-Fi, cabled TV, wide space and clean bathroom. Sharing about restroom, I’m a kind of traveler that I really prioritize the bathroom, should look and smell pleasant. In the group, I’m always the one to first experience to do everything inside the lavatory [insert evil laugh]. There’s other fancy rooms and hostels in the zone if you can afford one. With private pools and amenities, Alona White Beach Resort to name one.

@ Alona Hidden Dream Restaurant - Blurry Ate
I gained almost 2 pounds with this trip because of the delicious foods left and right, everywhere I look at there’s an aromatic smells that will indulge me to grab some but I should comment that quite pricey though I’m here to pleasure my tummy as well [no diet for 4 days]. From grilled meats and veggies, fresh sea foods and rice meals there’s a wide selection of foodstuff depending with your budget and taste buds. Go Italian, pizza and pasta are available in the area as well as Korean and Thai restaurant are also dominant in the place. Go seize some drinks, smoothies and coffee are freshly made here and varies with flavor. If you craves for comfort foods and very Pinoy stuff, Alona Hidden Dream caters SILOG, sizzling meals, sandwiches and other mouthwatering delicacies, it is located near the highway and BPI [Bank], the price range here is cheaper compared in the Beachfront. This is a sinful trip, I ate too much all the time.
Pancit @Alona Hidden Dream
Let's eat healthy foods
The night here is always young and hip, starts at 7 in the evening. Every bars offers unique vibes to attract foreigners and locals alike. There’s an establishment with live acoustic band, the other one with Poi dancers and breathtaking act. Techno beat with spotlight as if you’re in a posh disco bar in Taguig but this time in a beach set up, so cool that I almost lift my hands in the air and feel the groove of the music. If you’re health conscious liked me, The Bee Farm menu’s is perfect for you as they serves organic food, must try their famous ice cream with unusual flavor such as malunggay and dragon fruit for 40 pesos per scoop, their resto branch in Alona is located at the leftmost side of the beach. Hard core drinker will definitely enjoy the night here as overflowing beverages and liquor are always available, seen lots of foreigners enjoying their bottles while having simple conversation with their pals I bet I’ll be happy too but I’m wholesome for this tour. If you wanted quality time and intimate kind of setup there’s an Italian, Korean and Pinoy Restaurant near the highway with wider venue, just explore Alona and there’s always a great find.
Safe Haven

During day time, Alona is much simple and quite place as I intentionally wakes up early during our straight three days stay here. I do my assignment trainings, an easy 1000 – 2000 meters open water swim followed by short runs. Right after my session, I patiently observed the calm salt water while the sun breaks through the skies, this is the ideal vacation. So relaxing, thinking and doing nothing. Hoping I could spend a little bit longer or should I retire early and live here, just a thought that pops in my mind looking beyond the stunning beach of Alona. Oh, how I wish.

I personally noticed that There’s lot of beautiful foreigner flaunt their sexy curves in the sands for sun bathing, similar idea that Ate wanted to achieve though I’m too dark now to have that tan lines. From 1 o’clock till 5 we’ve stayed in the leftmost side of Alona exposing our skins in the air and update each other with stories of our recent experiences about work, relationship and family but most of the times we just laugh out loud regarding serious matter. At the end of the day, my skin just turns red while Ate get what she sought for and shared happily “My summer starts in September”.

Chitchat with Ate Tracy
I’m glad seeing and being with her for this escapade, that’s why we’re planning for our 2015 journey together.

About tour packages, you can refer with first entry “Road to Ecstasy: The Amazing Bohol Adventure”. I have detailed storytelling and insight, just click the link.

Kinda blur
AUTHOR’S NOTE: I must confess that 4 days is not enough, I should return soon here and enjoy the beach longer, who’s in? The seashore itself speaks for the grandness of the place, the activities and foodstuff are just additional attraction, as a beach lover Alona would be in my top 10 list of stunning shoreline and eminent crystal clear water. A friendly reminded and will mention again about the low and peak season of Bohol, December till May is the busiest month of the province better yet booked your flight on the low season to have an intimate oneness with nature. Majority of the tourist are Europeans and Chinese, I’ve asked an Asian couple during my Island Hopping why Philippines and Bohol. They’ve excitedly answered me that its warmer here and the marine life is so alive, fair enough. As a closing remarks, I find Alona attractive in terms of positive aura, well established spot and with friendly locals that genuinely concerns for the happiness of the tourist while staying in their province. Better yet explore it yourself and share your own personal escapade with me, thanks for reading my entry

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