Mt. Daguldol : Beneath the stunning coast of San Juan, Batangas

A month after our commencement exercises, the KASAMA mountaineering group conquered and explored Mt.Daguldol and the appealing coast of San Juan, Batangas. Exciting!

Mt. Daguldol is categorized as minor climb and measured 672 meters above sea level. According to PinoyMountaineers website, 4 -5 hours long of trekking is needed to reach the peak of the said Mountain during rainy seasons and 2 – 3 hours in summer period of the year.

Since we’ve visited Mt. Daguldol during rainy season, the trail going up to the main campsite was mud-covered. Extra careful

We’ve all gathered at a fast food chain near Gil Puyat. Around 10 o’clock in the morning we’ve departed the said area bound to Lipa, Batangas via SLEX (120php one way fare). Our drop off was at the Jeepney Terminal, near Robinson Mall. From there, we’ve arranged our passage off to Town proper of San Juan, Batangas and lastly we’ve ride a tricycle to reach the alluring coastline of Laiya [San Juan, Batangas].
Off to Laiya | Credits to Edward Calugtong
We’ve changed clothes, paid the environmental fees and ate at the carinderia for late lunch. 1 2 3 set Go!

Thanked God, the rain stopped. We’ve started the trek in the powdery sand of Laiya. Seen rock formation near the coast and high end resort along side.
starts of hike | Credits to Arem Gelogo
Credits to Edward Calugtong
Upon arriving at the baseline of the mountain, we’ve took a 15 minute break near a sari sari store before we’ve ascend the trek.
Trekking | Credits to Edward Calugtong
As I’ve mentioned, it was mud covered trail going up to the mountain and we did the slow pace of trekking. Upon reaching the campsite, fog covered the area and it was raining badly. No View

We cooked inside the tent, shared out the food, some small talk and we called it a day. So cold
Eating time
Bonding Time
Pack Up
We woke up early in the morning and packed up our belongings. We’re excited to swim.
Photo Op | Credits to Arem Gelogo
Upon reaching the baseline of the Mountain we run breathlessly upon seeing the dazzling coastline of Laiya. Swim swim swim

We paid 10 pesos each for the entrance fee and the cottage was free.

We prepared our late lunch before we proceed exploring the area.
Food Prep
A classic western beach house caught our attention and we’ve stayed there for a while.
Roaming around

Photo Op
Stunning Scenery
Credits to Arem Gelogo
Stress free looking at the very end of the sea just glaring. Nothing
Took pictures and fixed our things. Around 5 o’clock in the afternoon we left the beach coast of San Juan Batangas.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I best recommend visiting this place during summer season to appreciate more the view on top of the mountain as well as the trail is dry and easy to climb. Aside from mountain climbing, Laiya offers crystal clear blue water. Just 4 to 5 hours away from the metropolis and you’ll experience a total package. Hike and Swim.