Ocean View Park: Restaurant and International Doll House

"A family owned business with compassion with their customer"

International Doll House:
A fabulous house literally made for expensive dolls marks my day 2 stay at Bislig, Surigao del Sur.

Owned and operated by Mrs. Ruelaine Willimann, her doll collection varies across different nation around the globe. First hand information directs from the collector, she acquired her stunning dolls in all her vacation abroad with her supportive Swiss husband.
Chinese Doll
Here’s a fact aside from its costly price, the doll’s hair are from prominent personality such as Marilyn Monroe and Michael Jackson. Amazing
Fabulous Doll
Manilyn Monroe's Hair

The dolls are separated by continent and category. There’s a wide set of European, Asian, Russian  and other dolls wearing their magnificent national costume. Wow
International Doll Collection
Pinoy Pride
Staring at Mrs. Willimann’s Barbie Collection makes me imagine the Ms. Universe Competition wearing their long gown.
Miss Universe?
Beside the Barbie Collection are the Clowns, Harlequins and Teddy Bears group. Cute

And at the middle of the doll house is the compilation of Mr. Werner Willimann’s Mini Cars, cups and other toys. Splendid
Drop Jaw

Words are not enough to describe the overflowing excitement glaring with the toy collection of the Willimanns. A child in me shows in my eyes with so much happiness.
at the doll house
At the entrance of the Doll house posted a 3 Dimensional wall paper that I personally like. See our photos below.

with Nanay Geraldine | Mom of Mrs. Williman
Photo from their FB page

The Restaurant:
“Talk of the town” I quote.

The Ocean View Park’s (OVP) restaurant is really famous in Surigao. located at P -6. Barangay Cumawas, Bislig City Surigao del Sur.

A mesmerizing thing about OVP’s restaurant is, the elevated location overlooking the ocean. A 200 plus step before you’ll reach the top.

Regarding the set up of the restaurant, spacious, clean, and well ventilated with oldies background music. Total package!

Price range: from 30 pesos up to 100 pesos. I must say that the taste of the food do not compromise with its price. Plus, we enjoyed how Mr. Werner prepares our meal.
Schnitzel | 100 pesos | Menu of the Month
Fries | 45 pesos
Pasta with Curry Sauce and Schnitzel | 80 pesos
Very affordable! Very satisfying! A must try when you’re in Bislig.

Photo's from Their Facebook Fan Page: Link
Going Up
Official Souvenir | Credits to OVP
Entrance | Credits to OVP
AUTHOR’S NOTE: After dining in, we had the privilege to talk with the power couple together with Mrs. Willimann’s Mom, Mrs Geraldine. They’ve asked gracefully about our experience with their place. We smiled and said “We’re bloated!”, “Very Satisfying!” and “Affordable”.

They’re also amazed with us (Arem and I). They commented that we’re brave to travel just the two of us exploring the eastern part of Mindanao. “Pure adventure” we utter.

I must commend their hospitality, they even helped and gave us instruction on how to go in Britania Group of Island and reminded us to be extra careful with our belongings. Sweet
Overall, it’s a memorable experience to visit their place. Guys! Include this place when you’re in Surigao del Sur.


  1. naks may blogpost na :] Cool!
    naalala ko tuloy yung kabusugan ko sa lugar na to. The best yung Schnitzel!

  2. Sabe ko sayo ito uunahin ko. Naamaze ako sa mga display at presyo $___$