Sarsoza Ponta Cave of Surigao del Sur: My Unexpected Caving Adventure

While doing the list of the must visit places in Surigao del Sur, I never thought that Sarsoza Ponta Cave is a huge cavern with passageway inside. I was assuming it’s just a Grotto with a statue of the Virgin Mary. When Kuya Norbeto and the caretaker slash tour guide told us that we can explore the cave ourselves, I was speechless, what! This is unexpected!
Inside the Cave
Caving is one of those activity I loved doing, one because it needs an extra effort in trekking due to limited sources of light and second, the indescribable wonder that I might see inside the cave such as stalactite and stalagmite formation. Definitely, I’m not afraid of the dark but I’m scared to slip off. Poor Eyesight 
Arem leading the way | Inside the Cave
In the name of my ultimate Mindanao experience I will do everything to satisfy my urge to explore and to travel. Yehey!

We waste no time and headed immediately in the big opening of the Cave and as we progresses our journey the sunlight coming from outside starts to fade and soon gone. Headlight checked! 

In the middle of the cave, I’ve seen stunning rock formation and group of small cave bats resting in the ceiling. Cool

Our tour guide shared to us that during the World War II some of the Japanese soldiers hide and died inside the cave and near the Virgin Mary was the actual bones of the soldiers. Creepy?

Virgin Mary | Outside
He added that up to these days, treasure hunters were trying to locate “Japanese Treasure”. Actually there’s recent excavation in the cave. Preserve the Cave

Along the way, he pointed his finger in the upper portion of the cavern, he said some farmers are planting sweet potato in the mountain that affects the color of the stalactites and stalagmites. I personally felt his genuine concern for Sarsoza Ponta Cave.
Discoloration | Stalactite and Stalagmites
A noticeable small opening and shade of light welcome us to the outside world. Our caving adventure ends there but the unexpected escapade will remain. Feeling great

with the tour guide | Thanks Kuya
Okay? | We survived Sarsoza Ponta Cave
A 30 minutes trek inside Sarsoza Ponta Cave would be one of my best caving experience plus an informative tour guide slash caretaker. I enjoyed every minute seeing the wonder of our mother nature.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Must include this place when you rented a boat for your island hopping. 

Breakdown of Expenses:

Entrance Fee: 5php / head
Tour guide: 150 php

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