Benguet’s Highest Peak : Mt. Timbak and Mt. Tabayoc

Back to back major climb to start the year right. We’ve conquered Luzon’s Top 2 and 3 mountains - Mt. Tabayoc and Mt.Timbak. Both treacherous peak but posses’ magnificence panoramic scenery.
Mt. Timbak‘s MASL* is 2,717+ and Philippines’ top 9. The said mountain is situated at Atok, Benguet while Philippines’s top 6, Mt. Tabayoc is 2,842+ sited at the heart of Kabayan, Benguet.
Stopover | Burham Park, Baguio

Having said the height of the two towering mountains of Luzon, I am expecting a fun filled hike together with the new group that I am invited with, the Baroc Mountaineering Group.

The said group is consisting of professional people from different field across all ages and walks of life. They are seasoned mountaineer to look up too.

January 18, 2013 – Friday we left Buendia at exactly 11:30pm we're now headed North with our big comfortable coaster. Our coordinator hired Bus and truck for speedy and comfortable travel.
Around 7 o’clock in the morning we were welcome by the cold breeze of Baguio City. We have an hour break to buy things that we needed as well as to filled our empty stomach. Oops! We roamed around Burnham Park before we proceeded in the Bus going to Benguet.
Spectacular View
Break Time | Corn


Let's do it | Ready to Hike | Excited | Energetic
We first gear up before leaving the coaster. We also checked our things before riding the [vegetable] truck that will be our official carrier.
Our official service going to Benguet
Mt. Timbak
Okay! Our trek starts here. See photos below.
Trekking starts here

Start of trek
We are all gathered outside an Elementary School near a cliff, Kuya Dy, the adviser of the Baroc’s stated a simple prayer , afterwards a basic mountaineering reminders was said for all us.
Simple Prayer | Guidance from the God above for safety travel | Credits to Bry Ocampo

From there we started to hike. We’ve passed vegetation of carrots, lettuce and potato. It was an easy ascends for all the climbers but the challenge was the cold weather.
Lettuce | Green

Aron, Edward, Julius and Arem

Vegetable Farm along Mt. Timbak

Group Picture with the Baroc's Mountaineering Group
We took picture along the way while commending the amazing staircase like vegetation field of Benguet.

NOTE: Vegetables here cost cheap and some of us both Carrots and Potatoes.

For less than an hour we’ve reached the summit of Mt. Timbak. At the peak there’s a station of the cross phasing the distinct feature of Benguet – Hagdan hagdan Palayan.
Mt. Timbak's Peak

Arem, Edward, Julius, Baron and Aron

Station of the Cross @ the Peak

We are in rush! We need to get down in the mountain and ride in our pickup truck before sunset. According to our tour guide, heading to Kabayan, Benguet will take us 3-4 hours. We need to set up our tents besides Lake Tabeo in time before the fog settled down.
Going down
Another adventure of a lifetime, we've managed to surpass treacherous cliff that will lead us to death with one wrong move. I must say it was FUN!

We’ve traverse one mountain to another to reach the baseline of Mt. Tabayoc.
We've seen a river while crossing a bridge

Break time | Benguet
Around 7 o’clock in the evening we’ve reached Lake Tabeo. It was very cold and my hands are so numb though I have my gloves to protect from chilling. I wore my thermal jacket as well as foot sacks to lessen the feeling of freezing.

Without further delays I set up the tent and helped my friends to prepare for our dinner. I am very sorry to them that I can’t go outside the tent for us to communicate with the other climbers. I am freaking cold.

After eating and cleaning the utensils that we’ve used. We lay down and closed our eyes to prep up for tomorrow’s trek.

Sea of Clouds
Mt. Tabayoc
Good Morning!

Together with my tent mate (Edward and Arem) we woke up early in the morning to prepare breakfast. Viola! We’ve waited for other climbers to finish cooking before our turn. We do not have “cook set*”.

Before the sunrise we started our hike. Mt. Tabayoc here we come!

The trail is dangerous because of stiff path and cliff along the side. Not mentioning the muddy soil and foggy atmosphere. I find it challenging!

After 2 hours of climbing someone met an accident but I will not specify what happened to that person out of respect and for our friendship.

We’ve reached the peak of the said mountain and saw the sea of clouds down the mountain. Superb!

The three of us before one of us met an accident
We descended immediately because the temperature is getting low and I am telling you all, the weather is getting into my nerve.

To heat up, we shake our hands and body to get some real sweat.

Going down, we took pictures of the mountain and it’s time for our group pictures (As well as the SOLO | primary picture in facebook)

After two hours of resting, cleaning ourselves, eating and sharing experiences in our trek we decided to call it a day.
Group Picture

I've conquered Mt. Tabayoc

Lake Tabeo
Group Picture with Baroc Mountaineering Group
Peepz Chilling around
Back to reality, 3 hour ride in the truck again going to Benguet proper. Jaw breaking sceneries mesmerize me along the way.
Going back to Benguet Proper | Adventure ride

Julius and Edward
At 6 o’clock in the evening we’ve arrived where our coaster is waiting for us. Another 2 hour ride headed to Baguio City for our dinner.

It was an adventure indeed. Climbing 2 Mountain in two days is an exciting trip to date.

*MASL – Measured Above Sea Level
*Cook set – consist of butane, portable stove and pan.

Along the way | Beautiful
2200 Take bus from Manila to Baguio
Victory Liner Cubao

Day 1
0500 ETA Baguio. Breakfast
0600 Head to Mt. Timbak
0830 ETA Highest Point of Phil. Highway System
0900 Arrival at Timbak Elementary School - Jump off
0910 Start trek
1000 Mt. Timbak Summit.
1030 Start descent
1100 Back at Elementary School
1200 Lunch
1500 Arrival at Brgy. Ballay, Kabayan, Benguet
1600 Set up camp near Lake Tabeo
1800 Dinner / socials

Day 2
0600 Breakfast
0700 Start trekking
1000 ETA summit of Mt. Tabayoc
1030 Start descent
1330 Back at jumpoff. Lunch / Break camp
1430 head back to Baguio City
1730 ETA Baguio City
1830 Bound to Manila

Day 3 (Optional)
0900 Baguio City

1. Need to have a waterproof bag | Mountaineering bag
2. Gear up for the cold weather [thermal jackets, hand gloves, foot sacks, scarf etc]
3. Enough supply of food and water that will last in the duration of your stay in the mountain
Sweetest Smile
4. Must be informed with the characteristics of the mountain that you’ll climb
5. Be friendly
6. Always enjoy and smile

We’ve only pay for the our transportation – 1,800 pesos per head. Plus extra money for pasalubong. A budget friendly trip indeed.

******* Other Photos*******
Dinner time @ Baguio City | Resto Bar

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