Hundred islands of Pangasinan

There are hundred ways to describe the famous islands of Pangasinan but there’s one word that fits for the grandest of the place – “stunning”

We first visited Pangasinan way back summer of 2009. We went to Anda, Mother Island of the hundred islands to have a summer vacation, away from home works and stressful examinations. We’ve also explored Tondol Beach and a nearby place where salt is produced. But since we’re just a student during that time we never got the chance to see the renowned group of islands. From them on, we’ve promised to ourselves that when the day comes that we earned enough money, we will explore the Hundred Islands of Pangasinan.
Tondol beach | Year 2009
Governor's Island | year 2012
A fulfilled promise, May of 2012 we’ve seen, experienced and landed in the 3 developed islands of Pangasinan, named - the children’s island, Governor’s Island and Quezon Island.
Boat ride
Island hopping 
We’ve first visited the children’s island but after a few minutes we’ve decided to change location – crowded!

Adventure starts here:
Our bangkero suggested Governor’s Island where in the top of the hill, there’s a view deck that showcase the panoramic view of the Hundred Island.

He’s right! Amazing!
View Deck | Governor's Island 
We chose the nearest and biggest cottage to accommodate our group, from there, we’ve prepared our lunch and unloaded our belongings. Eating time everyone.

After lunch, the girls had their photo shoot with the master photographer Arem Gelogo. While the boys swam in the spectacular blue water of the island.
Welcome to Governor's Island 
Hundred Islands of Pangasinan
Photo Op
Wacky pose
Picture Please?
Age? | tsk tsk
What to expect when I’m with them – nothing but purely happy memories to cherish with.

In the late afternoon, we’ve transferred to Quezon Island and had the opportunity to meet and greet Buko de Ap. See photo.
with Buko de Ap | Quezon Island
@ Quezon Island with Nanay

Incomparable wonder that can only be seen in the Philippines. What are you waiting for, Come and visit the breathtaking hundred island of Pangasinan.
the boys of Pangasinan | Credits to Arem Gelogo

Tips for everyone, when visiting the said place, bring underwater camera and take picture under the sea as well as to bring your gaggles. Never forget to smile and enjoy:D

After a tiring day of splendid island hopping it’s time for us to rest and go back to Anda (Rina’s Place)

On our third day we bid farewell to the 124 islands of Pangasinan bringing good memories with each other. Till next time.

off to Manila 
ITINERARY: Since we had a friend that owned a farm in Anda, Pangasinan our accommodation is free. From Pasay City, Take the Five Star Bus line. 1 am is the bus departure. The estimated travel is about 7 – 8 hours. We had a contact there; we rented tricycle and boat for the whole 3 days stay in Pangasinan. It’s much cheaper when you travel with more than 5 people in the group.

Bus going to Anda (As of May 2012 - estimated)- 420
Food Contribution– 300
Boat rental, cottage, tricycle service - 500 (per head)
Bus going to Pasay - 420

NOTE : this budget is for group of 8


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