Mt. Romelo : Hidden Paradise

Right after our successful Mt. Maculot climb, here we go again eager to explore the hidden treasure of nature. All are set for a weekend exploration at Famy, Quezon. Our next destination would be Mt. Romelo and Buruwisan Falls.

From 13 young enthusiastic hikers down to 7 determined adventurers plus two recruit equals 9 wonderers to discover Mt. Romelo.
Panoramic view | Credits to Arem Gelogo
On the day of the climb, we gathered near LRT Buendia Station (for our meeting place) after an hour waiting for other participants we leave the place at exactly 10 o’clock in the morning and we are bound south again, this time our adventure is with the element of water. Yahoo, excited.

We ride a bus off to Sta Cruz, Laguna (Green Star Bus Line) and from the terminal we transferred via public utility jeepney bound to Famy, Quezon (we actually talked to the driver to escort us in the registration site of Mt. Romelo, of course with additional passenger fee)

We've registered in a small cottage and we were given an id to be returned the following day. Also, from there, we've changed clothes to gear up – ready 1 2 3!!!
Let's Start
near the registration site | Credits to Arem Gelogo
I've personally noticed that the trail was easy but muddy, there’s no major uphill path knowing that the said mountain stood at 300 MASL.
just stared | Credits to Arem Gelogo
Opps!!! | Credits to Arem Gelogo
We've enjoyed the panoramic view when we've reached a specific spot in Mt. Romelo, from there we’ve took a 15 minutes break to feel the breeze of the wind. We immediately ascend and we’re after the sunset in the camp site. Night trekking is difficult plus the fact of muddy trail.
First Five | Credits to Arem Gelogo
Along the way, there are store selling cold drinks and fresh coconut juice; we've bought some to freshen up.
at the Kubo | Credits to Arem Gelogo
We’re almost there, we've seen in a distance Nipa House and tents along the river – CAMPSITE!!!
Camp site at last | Credits to Gladys Dizon 

Excited of us, we right away descended in the campsite, set up our tents and started to prepare for our early dinner.

We've shared our food and have some chitchat

One of my friend suggested to swim in the stream near our area and without further delay we've jumped into the water with just our underwear. Manly trip!

After  the small conversation with my friends we call it a day. We headed in our tent to retire our complaining body from a day of adventure.
Sleeping time | Credits to Arem Gelogo
Good Morning | Credits to Arem Gelogo
We woke up early in the morning to cook for our breakfast and to start a new journey.

After securing our belongings, we've began trekking Batya batya Falls. Going there was a challenge. You need to follow the river; there’s shallow and deep part that must be careful of.
Crossing the river | Credits to Arem Gelogo
We’ve took picture along the way enjoying the beauty of nature.
Group Picture | Credits to Arem Gelogo
After a while we've reached batya batya falls, at first I was wandering the name of the said waterfalls. A hiker told us that enable for us to see the other two falls; we need to swim and cross the stream of the falls and climb in the rocks. Challenge huh?
at the mouth of Batya batya falls

We did what the mountaineer told us, upon reaching the mouth of the falls; we’ve seen a basin like stream and another falls on the side. We’ve swum again and climbed alongside the falls and a hidden falls was there waiting to be discovered. Superb.


After an hour of staying in Batya batya falls we locate  Buruwisan Falls.

The said falls stood at 70 feet, we've trekked down to witness ourselves the grandest of the towering waterfalls of Famy, Quezon.
Going down | Buruwisan Falls | Credits to Arem Gelogo
Buruwisan Falls
Words are not enough to express how I felt towards the splendor of the said falls.

We’ve explore behind the cavern of Buruwisan Falls and stayed there for a while.
enchanted | Credits to Arem Gelogo
Mae and Paul | Credits to Arem Gelogo
We bid farewell to Buruwisan Falls and headed back to our campsite to gather our belongings, time to go.
Before we leave | Credits to Arem Gelogo
Easy descend.

After the long tiring hike, we've ordered halo halo near the registration site and clean ourselves as well to rest

We ride a van via Rizal route and we’re bound to Manila again.
till the next climb | Credits to Arem Gelogo

Off to Mt. Romelo: From buendia (near LRT Station) take a bus bound to Sta. Cruz Laguna (2 – 3 hours ride) fare is around 150 pesos if you will take Green Star Bus. From Sta. Cruz ride a jeepney bound to Siniloan, fare is 30 pesos. We asked the driver to adjust our fare to take us off to the registration site of Mt. Romelo – we paid him 50 pesos per head. Another option would be, from Siniloan Town proper travel via tricycle would be a 15 -20 minutes ride and cost 15 – 20 pesos each.

Bound to manila: From the registration site we took a tricycle bound to Famy, Quezon. Nearest Bus / Van Terminal off to Manila (Rizal route) and it cost around 150 pesos each.