Cebu Trip: Historical City Tour

Cebu City is known for its rich culture and history as well as old structures that signify authority and power, up to these days’ relics of the past reminds us Filipino the foundation of Christianity and pre Spanish civilization. Our day 1 adventure in Cebu will be exploring the City’s famous heritage.
Group Picture | Taoist Temple | More fun in the Philippines | Cebu
After our arrival in Mactan Airport, we headed right away to Robe’s Pension House to drop off our belongings, first destination – Taoist Temple.

According to my research, Taoist Temple was built by the Chinese community that welcomes worshipers and non worshipers alike. Towering at 300 meters above sea level and located at Beverly Hills Subdivision, Cebu City.  
Taoist Temple |Cebu
The prominent Chinese architecture of the temple speaks for its sacredness. So, our group observe silence and obedience. Picture time
Namit | CnT Lechon | Cebu

After 30 minutes of roaming around the said temple. We’re off to CNT Lechon for our BRUNCH.

EATING TIME!!! We bought 2 kilos of Cebu’s world renowned lechon baboy and lumpiang sariwa. Yummy

Kuya Dodung (our driver) suggested to us to visit next in our list – Fort San Pedro, the citadel of the south, just think of Fort Santiago in Intramuros. The noticeable century old walled of the Fort San Pedro shared the history of Cebu as it was the first structure built by Spaniards for settlement. History!  I miss my high school days
Fort San Pedro |  Cebu
Group Picture | Me? |  Cebu
Baron was here | Cebu
Because of limited time, we immediately headed to Magellan’s Cross, Basilica de Santo Nino and the near Museum and Garden of the said Church. Picture time
Famous Cross | Cebu
Eskabetche Brothers | Cebu
The IT Girls | Cebu
@ the Garden | Sto. Nino Church
Church | Cebu
As if we’ve travelled in the late 18th century, the structures are well preserved and protected by the local government. Amazing

We’re now off to Lapu lapu city to visit Lapu Lapu Shrine, going there will take us an hour and  a couple of minutes. So, best thing to do is to sleep. Hibernate mode

Finally, we set foot to the historical battle ground turned to enclosed park – Lapu Lapu Shrine. In the middle stands a 20 meter bronze statue of Datu Lapu Lapu facing the sea. Wow!
Lapu Lapu Shrine
Trippers | Hot Weather
Rest mode
We’ve stayed for a while to rest and have some chitchat. Time to go

Taboan Market | Cebu | Fishy
After the long distance travel, our last place in our itinerary was at the Taboan Market (smell fishy). We bought pasalubong as early as day 1, so that the following days will focus in our country side road trip. Yippee.
Our day 1 ends here. Visit Cebu and experience yourself throwing back time in the midst of modernization

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Try to maximize your time and visit all the must see places in Mactan and Cebu city before heading in different provinces of Cebu.
NOTE: we hired a van for our convenience; we paid 3600 pesos for 9 hours of service.
Lechon – 400 / kilo
Lumpia – 10 / piece

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