Baler, Aurora: Surfin’ and Chillin’

When you say Baler, these things comes out to my mind “surfing and big waves”.

My friends had asked me if I wanted to experience the big waves of Baler, Aurora for an unforgettable weekend getaway to date, right there and then, I said YES! Definitely

No itineraries, no researches, no do it your own travel adventure we all leave our leisure slash escapade to BAREFOOT TRAVELS.

Barefoot Travels, is a group of friends who share a common passion for adventure, the outdoors and the love for nature. Our philosophy is simple: “Travelling need not be expensive. Nature will speak for itself" – stated from their facebook account.

Adding up it is because of our passion and philosophy that we’ve decided to create an organization committed to developing and arranging affordable unique trips and one-of-a-kind experiences for yuppies, students and urbanites.
Surfing | Baler, Aurora | Credits to Rons Nebre
Baler Tour | Barefoot Travel
We’re in good hands. Knowing personally some of the people behind this group. We’re ready, Baler, here we come.

At 11 o’clock in the evening (Friday) we’re all gathered at Mc Donald’s – Quezon, Avenue Branch waiting patiently for the other participants of the said surfing activity and country side tour.

Before midnight approaches we’re comfortable seated in the rented van provided by the Barefoot Travels. Aside from the round trip land travel, 2 days – 1 night hotel accommodation and 1 free breakfast meal, we will have a one on one session with the professional surfing instructor courtesy of Madox (Surfing School/Business in Baler) all I've mentioned is in inclusive in the 2900 pesos we’ve paid ahead of the said event. Budget Friendly

DAY 1: Country Side
Next thing I know, I’m feelin’ the cold breeze of Sabang Baler, Aurora. We first took our BRUNCH in the hotel that we check in (Bays Inn Hotel). Buffet style for 150 pesos.

Kuya Rons (Coordinator) told us that we will be heading to Ditumabo and Caunayan Falls, he brief us that enable to reach the first waterfalls we’ll walk and trek for about 30 – 45 minutes. Easy! Challenge accepted

We've just followed the river and in the middle of the forest stood the majestic waterfalls of Aurora – Ditumabo Fall. 140 feet in height, one of the tallest falls I've ever seen. Superb

We jumped in the cold water and enjoy the moment with nature.

We took group picture before leaving the splendid Ditumabo Falls.

Next Destination Caunayan Falls. We've just rested in the second falls and headed back right away in the hotel because surfing activity is waiting for us. Excited

Perfect gloomy weather and gigantic waves awaits us as we first attended the one on one lesson about surfing. When everyone’s ready we’ve applied the principle and proper body posture on board.

Hard at first but after few attempts – I stood victorious in the surfing board.

We ended day with eat all you can dinner at the Bayan(city) and videoke with some rounds of liquor. Enjoy

DAY 2: Till Next Time
Breakfast by the bay courtesy of Barefoot Travel. How refreshing

After eating, we’ve changed clothes and we’re set for our second surfing session, this time we manage to balance on the surfing board flawlessly with the big waves behind us.
Baron in action | Credits to Rons Nebre
in Motion
Frisbee  | Sabang, Baler | More fun in the Philippines
What a great experience to date with the waves of Baler and company of knew found acquaintance.
I best recommend this activity to all of you, must try.

As per Kuya Rons will leave the hotel at 12 noon we’ll first have our lunch and then follows the City Tour.

We went to an old church, Museo de Baler and house of Aurora Quezon. We took pictures along the way
Photo Op with the Barefoot Travel Gang and other travellers
Museo de Baler
Museo de Baler | Credits to Rons Nebre
 Balete Tree | Credits to Rons Nebre
The houses in the area are well preserve. Spanish era
After the short city tour, we’re off to our last destination. The century year’s old Balete tree of Baler.


After a long time, I’ve managed to climb a tree. Wow
That ends our Baler adventure. I must say, this tour allows me to learn surfing and I promise this would be the start of my surfing career. Till next time.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: If you’ll do it your own, Genesis Bus Lines offers a direct access to Baler, Aurora for 380 pesos (one way) and for the hotel accommodation, check LINK

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