Daranak and Batlag Falls: the renowned waterfalls of Tanay, Rizal

Shampoo commercial, top grossing movies, top rated fantaseryes and teleseryes and famous ads are some significant events and/or campaigns shoot in the twin falls of Tanay, Rizal. Now you’re thinking. Daranak and Batlag Falls caters the venue of all I’ve mentioned. Just 3 hours away from the metropolis and you can witness yourself the grandness of the two waterfalls.
at Daranak Falls | Credits to Arem Gelogo
us | Credits to Arem Gelogo
It was an overdue plan to visit Daranak Falls, Eteng (Aizel) and Geejay (Arem jay) both good friends of mine scheduled a whole day do it your own travel adventure. Exciting

Smile | Credits to Arem Gelogo
The day of the adventure: The three of us met at Jollibee, Ali Mall branch around 7 o’clock in the morning, near the said mall located a terminal, we’ve ride a jeepney via cogeo route (less than 30pesos fare) and we drop off at junction, from there we’ve ride again a jeepney with Tanay signage and asked the driver we’re off to Daranak falls.  The driver was kind enough to instruct us, where we could ride next.

We first bought water and snacks near a convenient store as well as our pack lunch [at Jollibee].

We’ve rented a tricycle for 150pesos (50 per head) and upon entering the government facilitated park we’ve paid 20 pesos each.

We’re welcomed by the inviting sound of the falls and the clean surroundings. Wow

We swam and took pictures overlooking the towering Daranak falls. - 12 meters in height according to Pinoymountaineer.com

We’ve decided to transfer at Batlag Falls, entrance 50 pesos.

There’s a short trail upon reaching the said falls. A little bit of trekking.
Welcome to Batlag Falls | Credits Arem Gelogo
We rested near the falls; we've eaten our merienda and had some chitchat to update ourselves.

A noticeable old tree in the middle of the stream struck my attention. Unique
At Batlag Falls | Day hike

Trees, plants and flowers grow all over the place. Heavenly beauty by nature preserved by the authorities of Rizal Province.

Before 5 in the afternoon we’re headed back in Manila.

You don’t need to spend much, for less than 700 pesos you’ll sure enjoy nature tripping; I highly recommend Daranak and Batlag Falls as your next getaway. Visit the said place and enjoy the nature near Metro Manila.

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