Mt. Batulao : Kissing the clouds for the first time

Securing its perfect spot, Mt. Batulao is located at the heart of Nasugbu, Batangas. Towering at 811 measured above sea level (MASL) and categorize as minor climb. Our next weekend getaway would be this mountain.

According to the locals, the name of Mt. Batulao is literal derive with its natural characteristics, when sun rays touches the mountain’s peak in the afternoon, as if the mountain is glowing in the day light. “Bato sa Ilaw” as they say. A little bit of trivia
Read the whole blog and you'll know the reason why we captioned it " We survived Mt. Batulao" 
From Buendia (LRT Station), we took a bus bound to Nasugbu, Batangas (Jam Liner) for 132 pesos (one way) and we’ve asked the conductor to drop us at Evercrest Golf Course. From there, we’ve start our journey.

From more than 10 young energetic hikers we’re now trim down to three devoted mountaineers, ready to explore Mt. Batulao.
The "three of us" | Credits to Arem Gelogo
From the baseline of the mountain, there are markings 1 to 10. Cool
Welcome | Credits to Arem Gelogo
Unique idea to install wooden signage to mark the trail for hikers like us.

At a distance, the peak is covered by the clouds and I’m excited to kiss it!
Going Up | Credits to Paul Egonia
First | touch down
We follow the trail smoothly. Peak 1 to 7 was easy but when we’ve reached peak 8 going to peak 10, it’s a different story.

Photos "Peak 1 to 7" owned by Arem Gelogo
At peak 8, we’ve registered and paid 20 pesos for environmental fee. Also, it’s a wide campsite for hikers but we intended to reach the highest point of Batulao and set up our tent there. Continue trekking
Campsite | Registration area | Credits to Arem Gelogo
As we progress the climb, the path was getting stiff. We also need to cross a nearby forest and climb beneath a cliff, one wrong move and you’re doom!
Careful guys | Credits Paul Egonia
The path was getting tougher, we needed to traverse a 3 meters path at both ends were treacherous precipice. Pray

One by one we took turns to pass the said trail. Success!
one more | Credits to Arem Gelogo
And we’re almost at the top!

And after a few minutes, we’ve reached the highest point of Nasugbu. Batangas with 360 degree panoramic view. Superb
dinner time | Credits to Arem Gelogo

I’ve seen Mt. Talamitam, Banahaw. And other mountains as well as the beach below. Relaxing!
Good Morning | inside the tent | Credits to Arem Gelogo

Just in time, we’ve set up our tent and cook food for our dinner. Sharing

While eating we’ve experienced the sunset and the passing of clouds in our hands.
We immediately headed inside our tent because of the cold weather and the most unexpected event happened. Heavy drops of the rain and smashing winds distract our night. We had no choice but to dry the base of tent and move our belongings in the middle.

And I felt that I’m freezing. So cold. Hoping the night would end soon.

Early in the morning, we've pack up our things properly to descend in the old trail. The day after we’ve managed to hike the new trail easily and the challenge would be today – going down.

There’s no sun because of the massive clouds around us.
Breakfast time
old trail campsite | Credits to Arem Gelogo
One two three… and we started our trekking. The most challenging climb to date. We rappelled almost 20 feet without security harness attached in our body. Beneath us – never mind. Just don’t look.

Astonishing view around us as we continue trekking. We’ve reached the campsite of the old trail and paid 20 pesos (again).
After a few yards away from the campsite, we’ve heard yelling people but the message was unclear. We continue walking and suddenly we felt that we’re lost. Pray

We’ve lost track with the trail and we just persist our journey towards the unknown path. After 5 long hours without eating and empty bottle in our bags. We’ve reached a familiar road. Safe

We’ve rested in a near house and bought fresh buko to drink and shared the tails of our adventure in the old trail. Lucky us, we’ve managed to escape the forest before sunset. According to the owner of the Kubo, lots of mountaineers had lost in the old trail and it’s one of the reasons why it is being closed for the mean time. New trail ongoing.

We changed clothes and ate our late lunch in the near sari sari store. Paul suggested to us to visit the near Chapel before going home. We’ve stayed there for a while and after a small chitchat. We call it a day.That marks our Batulao adventure, one of the most memorable climb to date.
Rest mode
Chillax | Credits to Arem Gelogo
NOTE: Ask for tour guide if you wanted to pursue the old trail, the said trail is really tricky you might ended up lost and wandering in the wild like us :)

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