Intramuros: The Walled City

Intramuros was built and finished in 1571 and proclaimed as the new capital of the Spanish Colony in the Philippines during the said year. Opposite the Manila bay and alongside with the Pasig River, the fortress is one of the major strategic military base of the Spaniard.

400 years and counting, Intramuros signifies history, religion, politics, social status, and the center of diversified culture and tradition. The facade of the walled city, the churches and some old structures are the remaining reminders to us that once upon a time Intramuros was the center of influence and power all over our nation.
Intramuros Point of View
Baron, Presci and Alma | Intramuros
Alma, Presci and I decided to have a mini photo walk inside Intramuros. It’s also an opportunity for us to catch up with each other’s new tails of adventure as well as bonding moments.

We’ve been High School classmates and seatmates way back then and even after our graduation [in High School], college days in separate universities and up to these days we always marks a day for our reunion. So, we chose Intramuros as our venue.

Katipunero | Inside the Walled City
We've entered the premises of the Walled City around 10 o’clock in the morning and started taking pictures near Lyceum and Mapua while throwing old and new jokes with each others. I really missed laughing with them; we’re all grownups but the childlike in us shows whenever we’re all together.

As we continue walking, I've personally noticed the great improvement in the area. Katipunero’s Styled uniforms worn by the security personnel all over Intramuros, old structures and fa├žade were starting to reconstruct, organize traffic system and much cleaner place. Cool

Since, we’re all hungry we've decided to take our early lunch in Fort Santiago. I cooked Pancit [Batil], while Alma purchased bread and Precsi was in-charge with our drink. Brotherhood
Inside the Rizal Museum 

Upon entering the said Park, we've paid 70 pesos each and immediately locate the picnic area to share out our foods. While eating we've talked about our classmates. Some of them were married with child but majority of our batch mates are singles and into relationships. Updated

We waste no time and headed to the Rizal Museum. Seen inside are some of the personal stuff of Rizal and we took the moment for our wacky poses called “The Doll pose”.

The  Doll Pose 1 on 1 with Presci and Alma.
Doll Pose | Rizal Museum | Inside Intramuros
I’m wandering the area and asked myself, what if I lived during the Spanish reign. Just thinking out loud here, what's life during those days...
Inside Intramuros
As we've tried to explore the area, we've seen dungeons, barracks and little tower, still preserve huh. Amazing
Presci overlooking Pasig river | Inside the Walled City
We've stayed for a while in an old vehicle to rest. Everything around was old but still important part of our heritage and I've appreciated the effort of the local government to conserve and protect Intramuros.

My history lessons flourish as we rediscover the Walled City with my friends. Hoping to be with them again.
Intramuros | Walled City

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