Kawit, Cavite: My Second Home

I’ve been busy for the past few months preparing for the marathons that I’ve registered with as well as I’m engaging myself in different running clinics, endurance trainings and seminars about running that just now I’ve realized that it’s been 3 months since I left Manila for vacation. 

I told myself maybe it’s the perfect time to unwind and to have a rest day from my trainings. I’m missing my second home and my relatives in Kawit, Cavite. So, I informed my cousins that I’ll be visiting them for an overnight stay and they’re delighted to hear our mini reunion. 

Kawit, Cavite is home for famous political clan, historical accounts, events, controversies, century year old ancestral houses and churches and diversified culinary delicacies.

Naming some facts about my second hometown, I’m all set for a relaxing get away with my family. Less than 1 hour from Manila via Cavitex, hassle and traffic free which is a great improvement since the said expressway opened for public and private vehicle whose off for south area. From Manila, there’s a centralized terminal station which is located at the old ferry station parallel to Metropolitan Theater in Lawton. It is bound to Coastal Mall and from there; passenger can transfer to another bus off to different parts of Cavite. New Scheme implemented 

Right after my arrival at my cousin’s place, I immediately headed at St. Mary Magdalene Church to pay a visit and pray. The said church was around 4 century years old, preserved by the NGO and local government. Highlighting the grandness of its altar and wooden images of some known saints I felt home and missing my childhood where I used to attend Sunday masses with my grandmother and relatives. The painting of the ceilings is maintained as well. Superb 

Just a few meters from the church stood the glorious Mansion of Emilio Aguinaldo strategically located and constructed near the river of Kawit overlooking Manila area. This place is part of my childhood as well, where I used to play in the ground and explore the house before and after its renovation. According to the tourist guide, all the things inside the Mansion are originally used by the first owner – which is the first family of the republic of the Philippines. History 

As if I’m walking thru time with the old stuff in the area and makes me forget about my work and trainings just liked the old times. 

Trivia: in the Kitchen area where a stone dining table located beneath it is hidden passageway going to the main altar of St. Mary Magdalene Church. Also, there’s a cabinet in one of the rooms that used to be an escape route going to the backyard / river side of the house. Fascinating facts. 

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