Cagayan de Oro’s White Water Rafting: Pure Extreme Adventure

There are people who are willing to pay "x amount" of money just to experience the high of adrenaline rush and I must say I am one of those people that can be tagged as thrill seeker.

Right after we booked a flight bound to Cagayan de Oro (CDO), unanimous consent of the group is to include the famous White Water Rafting.

White water rafting is a challenging recreational river course that professional and trained alike is allowed to maneuver deadliest rapids using specialized rubber boats.

Having said a short background with the trip that we’ll be doing, everyone is excited to feel and know-how a new definition of the word “extreme adventure”
Everything is in line with our schedule. Our Day 3 activity is courtesy of  Rafting Adventure Philippines the very first organization in CDO to offer the said activity in the public. Ahead of time we availed the Advance 1 Program with 1000 pesos fee per head inclusive of transportation from pickup point to Cagayan River and vice versa, safety helmet and vest, boat usage and guide fee plus free lunch after the course. There are different course depending in the level of difficulties with price range of 900 to 1200 pesos for more details check their website. See Link.

Together with other adrenaline slash adventure seeker, we’ve listened attentively with the short reminders and instructions of our guide regarding white water rafting to ensure everyone’s safety, familiarizing with the environment and scenarios that might happen.

Without further delay, we’ve divided the group in to two. Set A compose of Julius, Gladys, Paolo, Karen and Yap with a Canadian completing the capacity of the boat. The other half is headed by yours truly followed by Arem, Edward, Paula and Felix, a friendly Malaysian National. There’s two other group that will be experiencing the once in a life time wet ride and each of the boat is with two seasoned rafter.

To start with, I love any means of water activity it really thrills me to the bone with so much pleasure plus the fact that it’s my first time as well as my friends to try this expensive but worthy wet trip.
Team High Five

Our guide instructively reminded us to follow his command. To paddle forward or backward when it needs be and to stop paddling just go with the wild flow of the river if necessary.

During the river route our boatman tells us that Cagayan River separates the province of Bukidnon in the right and Cagayan de Oro in the left and somewhere across unites Cagayan and Bukidnon River. Trivia

Since it’s raining, the flow of the river is really immense and dangerous plus the truth that we've chose Advance 1 Course of water rafting. The usual 3 hour ride will be cut into 2 hours due to the fast flow of the river and according to our other guide we’ll be taking 21 intense rapids.

A big splash hits our rubber boat but with our team roar “High Five” the nervousness relieve with keenness to conquer all the challenging swifts of Cagayan River.
Team A

A significant appeal struck my attention with the superb view I've seen from our boat, rock formation, waterfalls, small caverns and streams uniting Cagayan River. It’s more than the adrenaline rush we've paid; it’s more of interacting with nature.

The silence of our team broke when our guide directed us to look in one of the Rock Wall like formation with live green python hanging in a vine somewhat hiding to catch a prey.

To lighten up the atmosphere they've changed topic and we've talked about monkeys. Before Monkeys used to stay near the river but locals hunts the said animal to eat and sell they outgrow in numbers. Sad story. 

Suddenly a massive wave hit our boat and a whirl pool gets us causing our vehicle to circle in motion. Thanks to our boatman they acted fast to get us out in that scenario. Indeed, a breath taking incident we've availed in the name of adventure.

Our guide announced the last three rapids that we’ll be taking and I must confess that was the most memorable part for me because the rapids are more difficult to maneuver and the wave’s hits harder that cause us to hold each other to keep safe.

All the finisher of the 21 rapids of the white water rafting are all smiling hoping for a longer ride bringing fresh memory of a new definition of extreme activity. I highly propose to everyone to try and include this in your itinerary when visiting CDO.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Ahead of time, you should contact a company that offers white water rafting in CDO other than Rafting Adventure Philippines, Kagay is one of the leading service provider in the area as well as participant should be physically and mentally prepare before dealing with this activity. Rash guard, sandals and dry bags are optional the most important with this event is to enjoy the moment.

Team B 
Rafting Companies with their Web Link:
- Rafting Adventure Philippines
Phone:+63 917 325 5544

- Kagay
Phone:+63 88 852 1021

- Great White Rafting
Phone:+63 917 706 0677

- The Red Rafts
Phone:+63 917 855 6983 /+63 922 897 3175

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